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  • Maxima Coolanol

    Maxima Coolanol

    Dave in CO


    Provides cool running temps and rare boil overs.

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  • Pro Honda HP Coolant

    Pro Honda HP Coolant

    Nicholas in MI

    Keeps it cool

    This keeps my MX ported stroker trx250r cool, it'll be able to keep any bike cool.

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  • UM Performance Scoops

    UM Performance Scoops

    ANDREW in CO

    Bad Hardware ,Nice part..

    The part is awesome , but the hardware that came with it was horrible. The spacers were all cut uneven and had burrs all over. then nuts and bolts were just fine. there are three screws used on each side to mount and the middle screw is the only one that gets spaced out from the frame about 3/4" on 400ex.

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  • Cycle Logic Engine Ice

    Cycle Logic Engine Ice

    Dakota in AZ

    Engine Ice

    I'v heard mixed reviews about this product being either great or not worth the extra coin. I don't think it makes the bike run 50 degrees cooler or whatever it advertises but i will say it keeps my bike cool. I live in AZ and i use this in my supermoto which i commute everyday and also my dirtbike which i ride in 100+ degrees. My fans turn on less frequently and doesnt seem to get too hot in traffic. Also with the dirtbike i do a lot of tight 2nd gear singletrack and put a load on the bike in sand. It never pukes coolant out the overflow. This stuff is safer for the environment too.

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  • CV4 High Pressure Radiator Cap

    CV4 High Pressure Radiator Cap

    Kevin in ON

    High pressure rad cap prevents boil overs

    A high pressure rad cap keeps your coolant from boiling over. I've had the CV4 for over a year and like it.

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  • Tusk 1.6 High Pressure Radiator Cap

    Tusk 1.6 High Pressure Radiator Cap

    David in OR


    Helps with the boil off on my RMZ.

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Cooling System Accessories

Having your ATV heat up and emit a constant cloud of steam while riding can be just plain embarrassing. Lucky for you, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has made it easy to keep your ATV cooling system parts updated and maintained so you can avoid being the brunt of jokes within your riding group.

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Make sure you have the ATV cooling system parts you need to prevent your ride from being anything less than extraordinary - with quality parts from Rocky Mountain ATV/

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