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  • Tusk UTV Rear Bumper, Cargo Rack, and Spare Tire Carrier

    Tusk UTV Rear Bumper, Cargo Rack, and Spare Tire Carrier

    William in CA

    UTV rear bumper, cargo rack and Spare tire carrier

    Heres another review that I would have gave five stars if this was the only accessory that I was installing. Prior to receiving this accessory I had already installed the bed extender on my machine. When installing this rack there is a minor clearance issue with the angle of the rack rubbing aginst the bed extender. The bed extender is plastic, so I will have to see how it wears over the next few rides. Maybe they should evaulate adding spacers to give it a little more clearance for those of us that have the bed extender on our UTV's. Also I was not planning on installing the tire carrier until I had the tire to mount to it. This was a mistake, as I changed my mind and decided to mount it after the rack and everything was installed. Not a fun task to accomplish, so once again follow the directions and install it when the directions tell you too or you will add about an hour to the install time unless you have some shaved allen wrenched hanging around. One change I will probably make in the near future is to level out the Cargo rack as it currently sits at an angle. Love the added security/protection to the back of the machine for when the kids are driving it. Probably will add the front rack in the coming months.

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  • Armadillo Swing Arm Guard

    Armadillo Swing Arm Guard

    Heather in CT

    Great parts

    We have had the best quality from Rocky Mountain and will continue all my Atv purchases through them!

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  • Tusk HD Quiet-Glide Skid Plate

    Tusk HD Quiet-Glide Skid Plate

    Scott in PA

    Great protection, tough install

    This took a lot of time to install. The outer rocker panel bolts (4 on each side) should be a bit longer to allow them to catch the threads. I finally had to use a jack to force the edges up high enough for the bolts to catch the threads. The material is high quality and works great allowing the RZR to slide easily over downed trees and rocks.

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  • Dragonfire Racing Front Gusset Kit

    Dragonfire Racing Front Gusset Kit

    Derek in CO

    Not worth the time or effort.

    If you got someone else that wants to waste hours trying to get this kit to fit together by all means do it. But honestly I expected better from dragon fire. You shouldnt have to add washers to take up gaps. This kit wasted about 3 hours before I gave up and decided its not worth the trouble. It easier to just weld in gussets then deal with washers and bolts that rely on 4 hands.

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  • Polaris Rear Deluxe Brushguard

    Polaris Rear Deluxe Brushguard

    Tracy in PA

    Great Buy!

    The Deluxe Brushguard is a perfect fit for my machine. I have the deluxe front brushguard and it is a perfect match. Installation was very simple and took less than ten minutes for myself. I highly recommend this product for it's looks, durability and to protect that rear of your machine. Shipping was fast but the box did arrive pretty beat up, but there was no damage done to the brushguard due to the excellent packing and protective bubble wrap placement.

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  • All Balls Tie Rod Upgrade Kit

    All Balls Tie Rod Upgrade Kit

    BRIAN in NJ


    lasted 2 months on grizzly 700 poped the joint right out way weaker then stock

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