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  • Tusk Zip Ties

    Tusk Zip Ties

    Mark in TX

    Love them...super wide

    I bought these instead of the normal bundle I buy from home depot. These are a lot wider. The added width helps reduce my tendency to crush stuff with normal ties.

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  • Tusk Crush Washer Kit 50 Piece

    Tusk Crush Washer Kit 50 Piece

    Justin in Utah

    Glad I bought this

    I got this kit thinking it would be handy every once in a while. I was wrong - It is handy all the time! I have burned through most of them and just ordered more. The price is awesome and the quality is good. they are a must if you work on your bike at any level.

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  • Motion Pro Spark Plug Socket

    Motion Pro Spark Plug Socket

    Helmut in VIC

    Great product for money ... and tough

    a must have for maintenance ..

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  • Motion Pro Tire Iron

    Motion Pro Tire Iron

    Helmut in VIC

    will buy again

    i do have several and you cant beat the price .

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  • Slime Replacement Tire Plugs

    Slime Replacement Tire Plugs

    Tom in Arizona

    Worked great

    Got a 2" rip in my RZR tire, figured I would try to plug it, five plugs and a couple of co2 bottles and I did not have to use my spare,rode it 7 miles back to my trailer, it worked great!

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  • Tusk Crank Puller/Installer Tool

    Tusk Crank Puller/Installer Tool

    Jack in WA

    Tusk Crank Puller

    Worked great, never had one before, split several m/c, atv cases, was always a tough deal. This really made life easier when pulling the crank.

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