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  • Acerbis LED Vision HP Headlight

    Acerbis LED Vision HP Headlight

    Carl in CA

    Not as stated in description, bad instructions,

    I ordered the light to upgrade the headlight on my Kawasaki KXL300R. I was a bit confused by the description saying it is an LED headlight, but it indicated it was drawing 50 amps. I was assured it was indeed LED, and was very bright! I asked about fit and installment, and was assured that "everything I need" was included! When it got here, the only LEDs on the system are decorative little accent lights along the sides. The headlamps are standard bulbs. The light itself has a 3 pronged set of blades coming out the back, with no instructions what should be hooked to them. It certainly did not match up to anything on my bike. The instructions were a half page of bad drawings, no words, essentially showing hook a black wire to a black one, a red one to a red one, thats it. But the headlight actually had 3 sets of black wires, 3 red wires, and the 3 pronged plug blades. I'm not nearly smart enough to sit there cutting into various wires on my bike randomly connecting wires until one of the combinations magically works. The Quality of the light? I cannot speak to that. But I can also tell you the plastic number plate has some weird paper decal covering it, and it was De- laminating and separating from the backing. Aceribis has made some great stuff in the past, I bought this based on my past experiences. But I am extremely disappointed in this purchase.

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  • Works Connection Tach/Hour Meter

    Works Connection Tach/Hour Meter

    KEVIN in CA

    As expected

    Worth the money. Great for knowing exactly where idle rpms are. Would recommend.

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  • NGK Resistor Sparkplug

    NGK Resistor Sparkplug

    Danny in OR

    Works just like a spark plug should!

    It sparks, what more could you ask for?

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  • Tusk Dual USB Power Socket

    Tusk Dual USB Power Socket

    Carl in UT

    Great Design - Not So Durable

    Mounted this on my KLR 650. Exterior quality and design appear sound. However, like Anne's review, mine stopped working shortly after installation (linked up to a Eastern Beaver PC-8 power bus with the appropriately rated fuse). I haven't opened the device to diagnose the problem, but I suspect it may be due to vibrations from some of the rough riding I've done on the KLR.

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  • Polisport HMX LED Dual Headlight

    Polisport HMX LED Dual Headlight

    Ron in Arizona

    Wow , bad taste

    Though the old axiom "Get what you pay for" is a solid principal to live by this product did not apply . Paid the extra to get a good headlight but was not rewarded as such. Poor craftsmanship (Lens does not seal ) Poor Lighting (Equivalent to less than 35w Halogen) . Communication with Vendor revealed they would not take it back without a huge restocking discount. to the fact that the headlight is used. I had no time to test prior to camping trip on this bike. . I am now challenged with the task to upgrade this item with a 11w MR16 Style LED and a method to seal the lens from the headlight. The mounting of this headlight was the only bright spot (no pun intended!) . It allows a high mount and the ability to clear my stem mounted oil cooler as well as my fender bag. Regards.. Ron 40Yrs Bike Exp XR650l XR600r (Electrric Start!) EXC 525 Raptor 660 Valk Interstate

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  • Tusk Enduro Lighting Kit Replacement Wire Harness

    Tusk Enduro Lighting Kit Replacement Wire Harness

    ALAN in UT

    Excellent product

    Together with the Tusk brand lighting, switches, and flasher, this harness makes it easy to convert your bike to street legal. Keep in mind that the connectors are designed to work with Tusk products and may not be compatible with other companies lights, switches, etc. Of course you can cut the connectors off and use your own but that is more work. Best to just use the Tusk stuff. The fit is excellent and all wires are there.

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