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  • Fly Racing Thick Moto Socks 2015

    Fly Racing Thick Moto Socks 2015

    RYAN in NV

    thin dress sock

    Horrible, they are like thin dress socks and I got the thick ones. Would not recommend!

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  • Fly Racing Moto MX Thick Socks 2015

    Fly Racing Moto MX Thick Socks 2015

    RYAN in NV

    very thin sock

    While trying on first time my heel tore the material leaving a hole. I have had dress socks thicker than these so called thick moto socks. I personally would never represent this garment as being thick it's actually a thin sock!

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  • Yamaha Racing Pro Backpack

    Yamaha Racing Pro Backpack

    Mark in California

    Very solid Backpack

    I've had this backpack for about 6 months and so far it has held up. I like the clips making it more secure, good for a small jog if need be. It is a fairly large backpack. It has a rain cover that is also reflective and I think that it is a good feature. I had this backpack on one time when I was riding my bicycle and I was in a turn and the bike fell out below me, I was going about 10MPH and the backpack took the brunt of the road, I slid a couple feet, when I got up and inspected what was damaged the backpack had just a small scratch on the side, there was more damage on me than the backpack. I like this backpack very much and would recommend it.

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  • Factory Effex Temperature Stickers

    Factory Effex Temperature Stickers

    Erik in GA

    Peace of mind!

    I love these. I have one stuck to the top of my radiator. It is reassuring to be able to look down and know that I am not in danger of overheating, or to know that I need to get more air moving through the radiators...

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  • Go Pro HD Hero Camera Chest Mount Harness

    Go Pro HD Hero Camera Chest Mount Harness

    Thomas in PA


    Its nice to have for a diffrent view of riding. constructed well, should last awhile. Would be better if it tipped back a little more. when you watch your video, your constantly trying to look up to see where your going.

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  • New Ray Die-Cast KTM 2011 350SX Motorcycle Replica

    New Ray Die-Cast KTM 2011 350SX Motorcycle Replica

    ANDREW in IL

    Good toy for the $$.

    For the cost, this is an excellent toy. It had good (not great) attention to detail and is generally pretty durable. My 2-year old (I know this is designed for older kids) won't let it out of his hands and it withstood his abuse for over two months before he managed to break the front "forks". I was impressed. I'm buying another one, maybe he'll be a little gentler this time.

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