Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle Tires

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  • IRC VE40 Intermediate Terrain Tire

    IRC VE40 Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Jeremy in VA

    good tire for softer terrain

    good tire for the softer muddy areas but it does wear a bit when ridden on the street or hard terrain like in the mountains

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  • Maxxis Maxx Cross Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Maxxis Maxx Cross Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Kyle in PA

    Front Tire is Garbage

    I m not sure if I just had a bad front tire or bad luck but I have never gotten so many flats on regular trails from something poking through the tread pattern and putting a hole in my tube. The traction was great but after $60+ in tubes and all of the stress of just being pissed about having another flat in the middle of another ride and one after another I will never purchase another maxxis front tire ever. But on the other hand I would give the maxxis si rear a 5 star rating hooks up everywhere in everything especially mud and has a long lasting life. Great for Northeast riding where there is a variety of terrains.

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  • Pirelli MT16 Garacross Intermediate Terrain

    Pirelli MT16 Garacross Intermediate Terrain

    CHRIS in MA

    OK so far

    Doesn't wear as well as the M59 but still in good shape after 2 hare scrambles and 1 enduro

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  • Pirelli MT21 Dual Sport Rallycross

    Pirelli MT21 Dual Sport Rallycross

    John in British Columbia

    tip on even wear for front MT 21

    I have used the MT21 front tire many times on DRZ 400, KLR 250, WR250R and now KTM 350 EXCF. Yes the center knobs wear terribly uneven. That is when using an inner tube. What I have learned through experience is that when a Tubliss bladder is installed, the center knobs wear evenly when inflated to 28 psi on pavement. Also it helps if the rider is not heavy on the front brake when using an inner tube. By the way, I use an MT43 on the rear. Save the trails.

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  • Kenda K270 Dual Sport Tire

    Kenda K270 Dual Sport Tire

    Dustin in CA

    Difficult to install

    This tire had a large cup and looked different than the rest. (As difficult to install as the more expensive ED78s). It had severe issues trying to hold an Ultra Heavy Duty tube eventually blowing out the side wall and destroying the tire. Going back to Dunlops, D606s!

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  • Bridgestone ED04 Dual Sport Tire

    Bridgestone ED04 Dual Sport Tire

    BILL in TX

    Good all around tire but does not wear well

    I live in the country and commute into the city. I ride primarily on different types of roads. This tire hooks up well in the dirt and rides reasonably well for a knobby on roads. Treadwear is the only complaint. I will be lucky to get more than 2000 miles out of these tires. Since a round trip on my commute is 90+ miles, that is only about 22 trips. Not very encouraging. If you are riding primarily on dirt and only on the road for a few miles, this is a good tire for you but the Dunlop D606 is a better tire for this in my opinion.

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