Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle Tires

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  • Bridgestone ED04 Dual Sport Tire

    Bridgestone ED04 Dual Sport Tire

    BILL in TX

    Good all around tire but does not wear well

    I live in the country and commute into the city. I ride primarily on different types of roads. This tire hooks up well in the dirt and rides reasonably well for a knobby on roads. Treadwear is the only complaint. I will be lucky to get more than 2000 miles out of these tires. Since a round trip on my commute is 90+ miles, that is only about 22 trips. Not very encouraging. If you are riding primarily on dirt and only on the road for a few miles, this is a good tire for you but the Dunlop D606 is a better tire for this in my opinion.

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  • Bridgestone ED11 Enduro Tire

    Bridgestone ED11 Enduro Tire


    excellent rock and root

    excellent rock and root tire ! tracks like it has nails sticking out of it. gives the steering a very light and quick feeling because of the tires tallness (smaller contact patch when upright) and long knobs. good in intermediate terrainn cause its a root killer. wears a LONG time. the tires tallness allows you to run a bit less air pressure too for better rock garden passes. only downside is the tire feels a bit skatey at shallow lean angles when it is brand new (I suspect from the very tall center knobs). within 15 miles it scrubs in and you have a wicked good rock and root tire. enjoy !

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  • IRC VE35 Enduro Tire

    IRC VE35 Enduro Tire

    DAVE in WV

    old school works

    these tires work every where and hold up great.

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  • Maxxis Maxx Cross Desert Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Maxxis Maxx Cross Desert Intermediate Terrain Tire

    MATT in CA

    Best tire for your money

    hooks up and lasts a long time

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  • Michelin AC10 Dual Sport Tire

    Michelin AC10 Dual Sport Tire

    shane in BC

    rear tire

    This tire is my absolute favourite, for a bike this heavy and powerful, it wears extremely well, in all types of terrain. Its worth every penny since it doesn't wear out quickly or lose lugs like the cheaper brands.

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  • ITP Mud Lite XTR Radial ATV Tire

    ITP Mud Lite XTR Radial ATV Tire

    Dave in NY

    Bought these to replace cheap stock tires

    I had 2 ply Carlise ACT tires on my 13' Outlander that were always getting punctured. I purchased these tires and ride all types of terrain. I have not felt any difference in handling since installing these and I have yet to puncture these tires. They get lots of compliments from fellow riders. They laugh when they get covered in MUD when driving behind me. Best tires in my opinion.

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