Motorcycle Oil

Motorcycle Oil

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  • Golden Spectro Pre-Mix

    Golden Spectro Pre-Mix

    jim in AZ

    great product.........

    great product.........

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  • Golden Spectro 4-Semi Synthetic

    Golden Spectro 4-Semi Synthetic

    Ken in AZ

    Good compromise

    Some of the benefits of sythetic with a lower price.

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  • Yamalube 2-R

    Yamalube 2-R

    carlton in South Carolina

    yz85 yz125 yz144

    been running this stuff for past 7 years yz85 at 35:1 yz125 and 144 at 40:1 burns clean smells great in race gas rebuilt the 85 after 140 hours with no carbon build up at all the 85 is my back yard basher so I don't rebuild often only problem is they don't sell it by the gallon I highly recommend this oil its great

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  • Yamalube 2-S

    Yamalube 2-S

    TOM in WA

    works good in a CR250 riding trails

    Ran a quart of this in my CR and then tore down the top end. Cylinder and piston were coated with a light film of oil. Mixed at 50:1. Little oil pooled beneath crankshaft so now I'm increasing mix to 32:1. Lots of smoke at startup but then once operating temperature there's nothing excessively smokey. IMO, this a good oil for non-racing off road trail riding on a two stroke bike.

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  • Yamalube Performance Semi-Synthetic

    Yamalube Performance Semi-Synthetic

    Tabitha in AL

    awesome product

    love this...

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  • Klotz R-50 2-Stroke Oil

    Klotz R-50 2-Stroke Oil

    JARED in FL

    Smells good and Protects better!

    R-50 works great but is getting expensive. But aren't they all.

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Make sure your engine will make it point B and back and give yourself the piece of mind while doing it. We carry the top brands in motorcycle oil like: Bel-Ray, Maxima, Klotz, Castrol, PJ1 and many more.

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Motorcycle oil is the life blood of your machine. It's important to frequently change your motorcycle oil to help keep the engine clean of contaminants and to keep parts running smooth.