Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle Boots

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  • Speed and Strength Moment Of Truth Motorcycle Shoe

    Speed and Strength Moment Of Truth Motorcycle Shoe

    Craig in VA

    Tongue Uncomfortable revised

    I bought these for hot weather riding. I have been riding in a over the calf gore-tex leather boots that were roasting me out in temps over 85 degrees. They seem to fit true to size. However, the tongue is very uncomfortable at the top. It digs into my leg above the ankle. I am riding a dual sport so I find this surprising since I sit more upright with my legs more vertical than most bikes. The boots are great besides this issue. Unfortunately they are so uncomfortable I could not recommend them to anybody. <span>Additional Comments On Jul 11, 2011:</span>After riding in these and wearing them around to break them in I have raised my rating to 4 stars. The tongues have broken in nicely. I wore them for the ride into the office today and never changed shoes. They were comfortable enough to wear all day. I gave it 4 stars but I would recommend these shoes as a good compromise of comfort vs price.

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  • Sidi Vortice Motorcycle Boots

    Sidi Vortice Motorcycle Boots

    Alejandro in FL


    Think "Italian, Hand-made" and you get an idea of this boot. The boot itself is extremely comfortable yet, stiff. This is not a boot to wear to the grocery store or mall. Every part on the boot is completely replaceable, and replacements can be found almost anywhere. The techno adjusters allow for a various range of sizes. The only down-side to this boot is putting it on and off. If you can spare a few minutes to correctly fit everything and adjust accordingly then this is the boot for you. Apart from the lengthy on and off process (5 months in, and takes me about 45 sec per boot), this boot is perfect and intended for maximum movement while still providing maximum protection. Great boot, you won't be disappointed. Fits true to size.

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  • Alpinestars Tech 8 Light Boots

    Alpinestars Tech 8 Light Boots

    john in California


    the price is very high. I have had aplinestars my entire life, over 20 years of riding, and the quality has substantially decreased in both design and quality of components. To say I am disappointed with the tech 8 light would be an understatement. After the second ride, the right boot piece of plastic protector or whatever it is started to come apart, getting caught on shrouds, footpegs, engine case, whatever it got too close too. It then completely ripped off and has left stripped off allen bolts in the boot which I cannot remove. Terrible design alpinestars. Second, the material that the boot inner flap that folds under is made of is subpar and disintegrates very shortly after initial breakdown leaving a piece of leather with multiple holes and loose flaps of material hanging. Terrible design alpinestars. Thrid, the inner boot is beyond incomprehensible to anyone with the slightest bit of engineering knowledge. It is not a boot but instead two pieces of material glued together that is not even a complete bootie, but instead is a heel portion and a flat foot piece that has no top, no end piece, and once removed for cleaning, is literally impossible to reinstall correctly without becoming entangled and folding over on its self when attempting to reinsert down into the deeper parts of the boot. For shame alpinestars, I will never buy your over priced boots again.

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  • Fox Racing Comp 5 Youth Boots 2014

    Fox Racing Comp 5 Youth Boots 2014

    david in WV

    good boots

    good boots for a good price. bought these for my 13 yo son, Quality seems good but the buckles are to hard for him to open / close. I thought they would get easier once they were broke in, but they got worse..

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  • Fox Racing Comp 5K Youth Boots

    Fox Racing Comp 5K Youth Boots

    Nathan in TN

    Must be SUPER comfortable!

    I have a few lower end riding boots and usually can't wait to take them off. My son (3 years old) typically rides about 3 times a day for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. He never takes these things off and says they feel good. These boots are great for a beginner because they are not so cumbersome and seem to break in very quickly yet offer good protection from tip overs, burns, and wrecks which are frequent around here. I highly recommend them for kids learning to ride because if you can prevent them from getting burnt and cut up they are much more likely to continue to ride and enjoy it.

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  • Fox Racing Comp 5 Ladies Boots

    Fox Racing Comp 5 Ladies Boots

    Russ in OK

    Fox Boots

    Good quality for the price. Long break in period. Wife could not wear because Very thick toe section, makes it very hard to shift.

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Motorcycle boots are an essential safety element for every ride. While everyone remembers helmets, they often forget about boots. Why are they so important? Just take a look at a few of the reasons below.

  • It provides support to your foot and leg.
  • The low heel of a motorcycle boot allows you to have more control.
  • It offers comfort based on the unique requirements of riding.
  • Due to the materials used in its construction, it protects your foot and leg in the event of an accident.
  • It delivers a profound statement of your personal style and who you are as a rider.

Of course, just as there are many types of motorcycles, there are many types of motorcycle boots. Is it really that important to get the right type of boot? Absolutely. If you race motocross, can you imagine wearing low-profile highway boots? You wouldn’t get nearly the support or protection. Similarly, can you imagine wearing racing sport bike boots on your touring bike? You’d look silly and out of place.

We’ve arranged our categories on this page to make it easy to find the type of boot that you need. It’s all designed by our top-level categories on our complete site, so you’ll find an area for dirt bikes, dual sport bikes, and even ATVs and UTVs. But don’t forget the bottom, where we have boots for sport bikes, cruisers and touring motorcycles.

Because we strive to offer a list of options as comprehensive as possible, you’ll find plenty to choose from. Here are only a few of the types of boots we stock:

  • Harness boots
  • Engineer boots
  • Racing boots
  • Overboots and covers
  • Highway boots
  • Winter boots
  • Casual wear and shoes

As broad as the definition is for motorcycle boots, we strive to provide a selection that encompasses every aspect of the term. Identify the category on this page that best fits your riding style to take a look at our inventory. Your new pair of boots is just around the corner.