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Avon Motorcycle Tires

Avon motorcycle tires have a history dating back over 100 years – a history that demonstrates perseverance through adversity and the ingenuity required to come out on top. It’s no surprise that Avon tires have developed an impressive reputation over time. They dedicate the resources necessary to provide tires that appeal to a wide range of motorcyclists – cruiser, sport, adventure, supermoto and more. There is something for everyone in Avon’s extraordinary tire lineup, with features such as snakeskin sidewalls to larger footprints for leans that push the envelope.

Avon’s deep British roots result in sophisticated engineering and classy tread patterns. Once you have a set of Avon tires on your bike, it doesn’t take long to appreciate these as you enjoy both excellent handling while riding and jealous glances from onlookers as you pass by. With Avon, you can expect a long-lasting, quiet tire that performs at the highest level.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we stock a number of popular Avon motorcycle tires, including the VP2, 3D Ultra, Distanzia, Cobra, Roadrider and Storm 2 series – and even more! Take a moment to browse our selection now. If you like to have options as much as you like Avon, you’re going to love our selection

Latest Avon Motorcycle Tire Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Avon Venom AM42 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Venom AM42 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    mark in OH


    I installed 2 new Avon Venoms on my 89 GOLDWING in 2012.I just bought 2 NEW REPLACEMENTS.16,000+ miles. I have had Great LUCK with this brand of tire for 15 years.My wing has afew extras and runs 125-130mph.The tires are stable at all speeds.My farm is 3 miles south of the 140mm on OHIO TURNPIKE.I USE IT LIKE MY AUTOBAHN.GET TIRES GREAT INVESTMENT IN SAFETY AND DURABILITY.PLEASED TO STICK WITH A PROVEN PRODUCT.GETTING READY TO ORDER A SET FOR MY SON's 2005 V-MAX

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  • Avon Cobra AV72 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Cobra AV72 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Max in Colorado

    Hydro planes so bad, didn't last.

    I bought this tire because it was suppose to get more milage than Dunlop... it didn't and it hydro planed in the rain so bad that even at 40MPH I was still feeling the bike slide around. Too scary for me!

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  • Avon Roadrider AM26 Universal Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Roadrider AM26 Universal Motorcycle Tire

    Josh in ID

    Excellent Tires

    I've used Avon Roadrider AM26's for several years on 4 different vintage bikes. The tires work great and I think they look just right too. I think they bridge the appearance gap between vintage tread patterns and modern sport tires perfectly. I will continue to buy AM26's as my tire of choice for my vintage fleet.

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  • Avon Roadrider AM26 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Roadrider AM26 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Josh in ID

    Best Performance Tires for Vintage Bikes

    I run AM26 RoadRiders on 3 of my restored 1970's Hondas and my 1970 BSA A65 Lightning. The tires perform excellent on all four of the bikes. Highly recommended!

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  • Avon Distanzia Dual Sport Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Distanzia Dual Sport Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Tony in Tennessee

    Excellent tire

    Both my brother and I use these on our BMW F650 Dakar. I am on my second set and he is on his third set. We love this tire for the kind of riding we do, which is 75% street, 25% service/dirt roads. They grip great on curvy mountain roads.

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  • Avon 3D Ultra Xtreme AV82 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Avon 3D Ultra Xtreme AV82 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    D in Utah

    Very Sticky But Short Lived Tires

    These tires are very soft and give the rider confidence at extreme lean angles like on a track. But given how soft these tires are, they are on the wear bars (rear) at less than 1,000 miles of hard fast riding. Front tire seems about 50%.

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