UTV Roost Deflectors

When you hop into your UTV for a trek across some gnarly terrain, it’s important to make sure that you’re ready for whatever may come your way. By design, UTVs already offer more protection than other powersport vehicles since they come stock with roll cages and seatbelts. But what if you’d like additional personal protection? UTV roost deflectors might be just the thing – especially if you don’t have a windshield on your machine. If you’re traveling along with a couple of buddies ahead of you, a roost deflector can keep you safe from any debris that they might kick up.

We’ve got a large variety of UTV roost deflectors, and we stock the big names you expect to see in this industry: Answer, EVS, Fox, Leatt, MSR, O’Neal, Scott, Six Six One, Thor and many others. While all of them have provided products that fulfill one primary function – chest protection – there are many different styles and designs to choose from. Some are flashy; some are subtle. Some are extensive; others are simple. Some are designed with a variety of additional features. But all of them do the job and do it well. Browse our selection today to see for yourself.

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  • Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket Body Armor

    Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket Body Armor

    TRACI in CA

    Good armor, tight fit

    This armor fits well, although a little tight. It breathes pretty well in hot weather so that its fairly comfortable to wear. You can't really tuck the back of your jersey in when you are wearing though because the back guard goes down so low and the back guard is way too uncomfortable to have tucked in. It does provide pretty comprehensive protection for the casual rider and that's good peace of mind.

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  • One Industries Blaster Sleeveless Under Protector

    One Industries Blaster Sleeveless Under Protector

    Rayford in TX

    Average at best

    This is a decent under jersey protector for the lightest of roost. I would suggest something with more protection.

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  • EVS F2 Roost Deflector

    EVS F2 Roost Deflector

    Andreas in AB

    Fits poorly and moves around

    I've had this for a year now and can't wait to get a replacement. I had to remove the shoulder pads and arm pads just to get it to fit ok with a hydration pack. it still moves around like crazy and pokes in my back. Also chafes my nipples and provides little protection in that area. Very poor job by EVS and very overpriced. The only positive is it works ok if you are using it just for moto, but still moves around a lot and the straps constantly come loose.

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  • Thor Impact Rig SE Protector 2015

    Thor Impact Rig SE Protector 2015

    David in ND

    body Armour

    It will protect you that's for sure. Love how it's a full upper body suit. The seem is on the outside so that looks a little goofy but it's meant to be under the jersey anyways. I'm 5'5 135 pounds and the small/medium fits decently, shoulders are still a little too big though.

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  • Fly Racing Stingray Ready-to-Ride Roost Guard and Hydration Pack

    Fly Racing Stingray Ready-to-Ride Roost Guard and Hydration Pack

    Mark in Washington

    Pretty good setup

    Nice to have a hydration pack and chest protector in one, fits well and is comfortable for all day rides. Only complaint is the pouch/pocket setup. wish it was better for keeping stuff secure....but not a deal breaker. Clips are a little funky at first but once you get used to them they work just fine. Overall its a great setup, would buy again.

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  • Leatt Brace 5.5 Pro Roost Deflector

    Leatt Brace 5.5 Pro Roost Deflector

    George in VA

    Comfortable and very durable.

    After a few minutes of riding you don't think about it being on. It protects more of the upper body than others.

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