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  • Luster Lace Polish Strips

    Luster Lace Polish Strips

    Chris in NC

    lace me up

    I love this stuff, but make sure you have some time on your hands. It does a good job.

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  • Cycle Wipes Disposable Visor/Bike Cleaners

    Cycle Wipes Disposable Visor/Bike Cleaners

    don in WA

    Glasses, goggles, helmet or butt

    Wouldn't think a simple cleaner cloth could work so well. I had given up on a pair of abused dirt bike goggle lenses but thought I'd give Cycle Wipes a shot at them before they got tossed and BAM!...well, not good as new but who'd expect that? They did however managed to get my goggles cleaner than any other previous spray and wipe glass cleaner I'd used and the lenses escaped a trip to the t-can. Just have a dry cloth to buff once done. Now I take them with me for glasses, helmets or even the, 'had the chicken empanizado and few margaritas last night and am in the middle of back-country anywhere on my dirtbike with a toolkit void of anything soft to the touch and I gotta go' occasion. Does the trick.

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  • Tusk Moto Mud Remover

    Tusk Moto Mud Remover

    Bob in BC

    Lighten the Load

    Works great on those muddy days between races when no access to wash facilities

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  • Yamalube Microfiber Drying Towel

    Yamalube Microfiber Drying Towel

    MATT in UT

    Not Too Shabby

    Bought this today so that I could wash my bike. Towel is a decent size and is nice and soft for painted surfaces. It doesn't absorb water as well as others, but it works well! It's plenty big to dry the whole bike (H-D FatBoy). Once this one wears out, I would buy another one.

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  • Motion Pro Moto Spade

    Motion Pro Moto Spade

    david in TN

    good product but hardly use it.

    I use it for an ice scraper on my truck than i do for mud.

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  • Motorsport Products Lay-Over Stand

    Motorsport Products Lay-Over Stand

    JOHN in OH

    Love it

    For years I've been fighting with laying the bike on the regular bike stand and it slipping or whatever. This is an awesome product and makes washing the bike so much easier.

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