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  • SAR Off Road Metal Pivot Mirror

    SAR Off Road Metal Pivot Mirror

    DUANE in CO

    Actually useful... 'till it snaps off.

    Much better than the plastic mirrors for visibility - much less vibration if mounted securely, but if you crank it down tight enough to eliminate vibration the mounting stud will snap off easily if you whack a branch or fall.

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  • Acerbis Left Hand Rear View Mirror

    Acerbis Left Hand Rear View Mirror

    Ric in Virginia

    Makes you legal. Worthless as a mirror.

    Yeah you have a mirror so the police don't hassle you. But if you ride on the street you will be forever paranoid about what is coming up behind you. Absolutely worthless as a mirror.

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  • Kuryakyn Ellipse Mirrors

    Kuryakyn Ellipse Mirrors

    BRIAN in CA


    Great product. Works just right.

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  • Tusk Left Hand Dual Sport Mirror

    Tusk Left Hand Dual Sport Mirror

    Andrew in CO

    Good Price, OK mirror

    I use these mirrors and recommend them because they work and they are cheap. With that said, I've used them on three different bikes and in every case, the mirrors vibrate horribly, so the view is EXTREMLY blurry. I can make out basic shapes, but have no Idea if the blue blob behind me is a Honda civic or a Dodge Ram. BUT, I can see if a car is behind me, and so they do fall into the category of working mirrors, barely. With all that said, I would buy them in a heartbeat. I like them because they are cheap, and can be folded down when on the trail. GREAT for a street legal dirtbike, not so great for, well, just about anything else.

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  • Tusk Right Hand Dual Sport Mirror

    Tusk Right Hand Dual Sport Mirror

    Nathan in NV

    You will pass inspection

    That's all they are for. If you want to see behind you turn your head.

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  • Double Take Replacement Mirror

    Double Take Replacement Mirror

    DEE in UT

    Best dual-sport mirror by far

    I have tried many of the folding dual-sport mirrors over the years. This is by far my favorite. The Ram Mount 1" rubber ball reduces mirror vibration and gives you unlimited range of adjustment. It also makes it very easy to fold the mirror out of the way while on the trail. You can buy different length Ram Mount arms to suit your needs. You do need to buy the arm and the 1" ball separately.

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