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Wheel KitsWheel Kits

Wheel Kits from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

High quality wheels kits form industry leading brands.

Latest Dirt Bike Wheel Kits Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Warp 9 Complete Wheel Kit - Rear

    Warp 9 Complete Wheel Kit - Rear

    Jesse in SK


    Excellent rear wheel kit, comes laced trued and with the wheel bearings installed. Only gripe is you will have to purchase the warp 9 spoke wrench, it is an odd sized 6.6mm wrench. Almost a full season on them (I bought a front a rear to match) and only minor spoke tightening for adjustments so far has been needed. I appreciate the extra hole in the rim for a second rim lock. F.Y.I. there is a third hole in the rear rim for another rim lock!!! Green hub and black rim still looks like new!

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  • Tusk Impact Complete Wheel - Front

    Tusk Impact Complete Wheel - Front

    Johney in MT


    Great wheels Great price Moto and Hard rocks offroad. You will not find a better deal! They are holding up fantastic. ALSO - ***** OEM internals and spacers. Easy to switch around and to match up to other parts/bikes. That is a really Bid deal!!! Try to find parts or bearings for some other brands after the break in....what a hassle! thanks!!!

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  • Warp 9 Complete Wheel Kit - Front

    Warp 9 Complete Wheel Kit - Front

    Ben in New South Wales

    Warp9 complete wheels

    I got the complete wheels for my yz125 and the difference was unbelievable I have had the wheels for two years and they are still going strong.

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  • Tusk Impact Complete Front/Rear Wheel Kit

    Tusk Impact Complete Front/Rear Wheel Kit

    DAVID in TX

    good wheels

    I ride pretty nasty off road and lots of rocks. I have had no problems with these wheels. they are awesome for the price.

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  • Tusk Impact Complete Wheel - Rear

    Tusk Impact Complete Wheel - Rear

    Matthew in OH

    Tusk Complete Rear Wheel Kit- WELL WORTH IT

    Number one: The price. Rims are expensive and this rim is cheap. And not cheap by quality either. This rim was an awesome buy. I am very pleased with the quality and the price. At first I was skeptical to buy a rim that was almost half the price of the other rims, but after reading the other guys reviews, I agree that this is the best bang. I have only had to tighten the spokes one time after installation. And that's just it, installation was nothing. The rim comes ready to go on your bike, other than sprockets and brake rotor, unless you opted to have that package. If I had not been on such a tight budget when I snapped my OEM hub, I would have bought the entire kit front and rear. I would recommend this product to anyone. And the hub comes anodized. Excellent QUALITY and AMAZING PRICE, that's just it.

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  • Tusk Impact Rear Rim and Spoke Kit

    Tusk Impact Rear Rim and Spoke Kit

    Jeffrey in NY

    Buy the kit, not the rim by itself.

    You will be very sorry if you are trying to get your old rim off of the hub and expect to use those old spokes. They will be seized, spinning in the hub and broken when you get down to it. Buy the spokes with the rim and avoid the extra wait time. Fit and function of this rim is perfect. Tusk rim weighed 2605 grams on a cheap digital kitchen scale.

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