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Pirelli Dirt Bike Tires from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Find the Pirelli dirt bike tires you’re looking for at Rocky Mountain ATV/ We have a huge selection to choose from that includes Pirelli tires made for all types of terrains – soft, intermediate and hard, so you get the exact tires that match your riding style. For example, the Pirelli MXH Hard Terrain Tire is specifically designed for hard pack conditions, having a stiff carcass, reduced center knob height and wider contact area for straight line and cornering grip. If you frequently ride on dessert terrain, the Pirelli MXX Super Soft Terrain Tire has a rear paddle design with a bridged tread that’s ideal for deep sand and severe mud use. You can quickly find the Pirelli motorcycle tires that fit your dirt bike by using our online “Tire Finder” which automatically pulls up a variety of tires to choose from once you enter your dirt bike’s make, model and year. We also have a complete line of dirt bike wheels from the best brands, so make sure you purchase high quality wheels to go along with your new dirt bike tires. Once you place your order for Pirelli dirt bike tires, you can rest assured knowing it will be shipped out right away, most tire orders are shipped out the same day their placed. Find the Pirelli tires you need and get them sooner than expected – only at Rocky Mountain ATV/

Latest Tires and Wheels Pirelli Dirt Bike Tires Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Pirelli MT16 Garacross Intermediate Terrain

    Pirelli MT16 Garacross Intermediate Terrain

    Philippe in QC

    Will never buy an other tire

    Thanks I found the perfection. Carcass came appart. Cords in sidewall came appart ine 20 hours 12 psi. Traction is perfect but tire shake a lot.

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  • Pirelli MT21 Dual Sport Rallycross

    Pirelli MT21 Dual Sport Rallycross

    John in British Columbia

    tip on even wear for front MT 21

    I have used the MT21 front tire many times on DRZ 400, KLR 250, WR250R and now KTM 350 EXCF. Yes the center knobs wear terribly uneven. That is when using an inner tube. What I have learned through experience is that when a Tubliss bladder is installed, the center knobs wear evenly when inflated to 28 psi on pavement. Also it helps if the rider is not heavy on the front brake when using an inner tube. By the way, I use an MT43 on the rear. Save the trails.

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  • Pirelli MT43 Trials Tire

    Pirelli MT43 Trials Tire

    Ross in Idaho

    Great Tires!

    I run MT43s front and rear on knarly mountain trails, with MH tubes and 10 psi front, 5 psi rear. Advantages of these tires: 1. Excellent traction. 2. Long wear (front 700 miles, rear 2,000 miles) 3. Stable, unlike a lot of other trials tires. 4. Front does the same thing for the front wheel as the rear, plus then the bike is balanced. 5. Sturdy carcass eliminates problem with flats (if you ride light and don't pound through rock gardens). 6. Very little trail erosion. 7. Works better overall than knobbies on: steep climbs, tracking through rocks, skatey off-camber, snow, wet rocks and tree roots, water crossings. Disadvantages: 1. Side knobs on front tend to tear off quickly. Otherwise the front tire would last longer than the rear. 2. Not as good as knobbies in slimy mud, rear braking. For responsible riding in technical and sensitive areas, this is THE tire.

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  • Pirelli Scorpion MX eXTra "X" Soft To Mid Terrain

    Pirelli Scorpion MX eXTra "X" Soft To Mid Terrain

    Joe in Massachusetts

    Worst tire ever

    I went to a local track on day after school in the pouring rain eager to try out my new tires they worked pretty fair on hooking up in the soft dirt and mud but about an hour into riding i noted my front tire slipping more and more and my rear spinning more. The knobs started to fall off i am now missing half the front tire knobs and many rear tire ones. DO NOT GET THIS UNLESS U FEEL LIKE BUYING A NEW TIRE DAILY it wears extremely quick in soft dirt nevermind how quickly it would wear in hard pack

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  • Pirelli MXMH 554 Mid To Hard Terrain

    Pirelli MXMH 554 Mid To Hard Terrain

    Dave in Utah

    Front tire knobs ripped

    The back tire worked really well on a varity of terrain. I ride mainly MX on a track that gets hard to blue groove. The front knobs were torn, some you could pull back far enough to see the cords in the tire. The front lasted less than the rear-about 300 miles. Would not buy this tire again.

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  • Pirelli Scorpion XCMH Mid To Hard Terrain

    Pirelli Scorpion XCMH Mid To Hard Terrain

    Neil in Utah

    Don"t buy this tire!!

    I have used several of the soft-mid terrain tires and love them, so I decided to try the mid-hard tire, the traction when the tire is new is marginal at best. I destroyed this tire in one weekend. It wore out in less than 100 miles.

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