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Stay warm while riding with cold weather riding gloves.

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  • Klim Inversion Gloves

    Klim Inversion Gloves

    SEAN in WA

    Poor quality, wore out in less than 40 hrs

    Used these for 40hrs of riding. More like 30 of actual riding. Two fingers, one on each hand wore through. Not what I expected for the cost. I will not be buying Klim again. Save your cash, I wish I had a suggestion for something more durable. I will post when I find something. Coles notes: DON'T but these gloves.

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  • Fox Racing Antifreeze Gloves

    Fox Racing Antifreeze Gloves

    Mark in Washington

    Fox Cold Weather Gloves

    I think they are OK but not great. I bought 2 pairs, one for my son and one for me. We ride moto in cool and wet winters in the NW and need a glove that keeps our hands warm and dry. I generally buy Fox here on RM because they have good deals even though I think the quality of the Fox products are not superb. These gloves fit small to me. My son is 12 and has small hands and I bought him an adult small and they fit great for him. I wear adult large and my gloves are tight. Both cases, we generally do not have a problem but Fox gear always seems to run small. Second, we rode in 32 to 35 degree F weather and our hands were frozen. These gloves don't do a great job of keeping your hands warm in cold weather. When we rode in 40's and 50's, they work good. Third, for riding moto, these are thick and bulky. I can see using these for riding snowmobiles with hand warmers but dirt bikes, not so much. A bit let down for the $50 spent, I am not sure these were worth it. I have a pair of the Fox polar paws and they keep my hands almost or just as warm and are easier to grip the bars.

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  • MSR Cold Pro Gloves 2014

    MSR Cold Pro Gloves 2014

    TIM in Pennsylvania



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  • Firstgear Heated Glove Liners

    Firstgear Heated Glove Liners

    Kat in UT

    Nice Glove Liner ... +++

    Heated grips are nice, but when the rides get colder these liners will add the heat you need to the top of your hands and thumbs. As with all liners, they are not expected to work alone, but as a supplement your gloves and heated grips. I really dislike the cold and you will catch me using the heated seats in my car year around ;-). I was worried to ride a motorcycle in cold temps because I like my creature comforts. Last weekend I rode in temps as cold as 34 degrees Fahrenheit and these liners kept my hands cozy when used in combination with the Firstgear Heated Jacket and Firstgear Troller. As a liner to a good glove they are perfect.

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  • Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Leather Motorcycle Gloves

    Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Leather Motorcycle Gloves

    Joseph in MS

    Finally I can ride in comfort!

    I've been riding for two years now and the bike is my only way to go. I've got goosedown jackets and carhartt pants and insulated boots and a full face. I had insulated leather gloves. but after about 5mins. if it was cooler than 55 degree, you could count on the fact that you were going to get colder and colder each minute until you arrived. After saving up for and doing large amounts of research about these gloves, I decided to go ahead and get them. Installation took 5 mins. They are a little snug, but I understand that any leather item has a break-in period. I turned the heat all the way up and began to ride. 40 degrees outside. 30 minutes later of highway speeds on my shadow, IM CONVINCED! It gets hot enough that you have to turn it back down. I feel as though I could ride for days now. Extremely satisfied with performance, quality and the new quality of riding life.

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  • Tourmaster Silk Motorcycle Glove Liners

    Tourmaster Silk Motorcycle Glove Liners

    ART in CA


    Gloves stick and run on any velcro.

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