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Cooling System Parts from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

We carry all the parts you need for your cooling systems.

Latest Dual Sport Cooling System Parts Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • CV4 High Pressure Radiator Cap

    CV4 High Pressure Radiator Cap

    Jimmie C in SC

    No More Overflows

    Put on in the heat of summer here in SC. Tight woods was making me overheat. Added it with the cv4 hoses and KTM fan. All in all made for a great combination.

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  • Devol Extreme Radiator Guards

    Devol Extreme Radiator Guards

    Trevor in UT

    A must for off road

    These guards are simply the best. I had them on a pervious bike, 99 YZ250 and they saved my radiators a number of times. I put them on my WR as I plan on doing both on and off road use and I figure 90 bucks for protection is better then the 250+ radiator replacement.

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  • Tusk 1.6 High Pressure Radiator Cap

    Tusk 1.6 High Pressure Radiator Cap

    james in MI

    works wonders!!!

    my 488cc bike loved to boil over. with this cap it keeps it in and cool!!! money well spent!!

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  • Watt-Man Thermo-Bob

    Watt-Man Thermo-Bob

    Michael in Colorado

    Well designed and made product

    I purchased one of these several years ago due to not being happy with how cool the motor in my KLR was staying when riding it. As I understand it, it doesn't break-in properly if it runs too cool, and it is certainly better for the engine to hold a good steady mid temperature. This little guy did the trick perfectly. I've heard that a KLR that runs at proper temp during break-in is less likely to burn oil. I don't know how true that is, but I can say that I have 27K miles on my 09' and I don't burn any oil, and the price of a thermo-bob is a lot less than replacing the head from running low on oil. Plus, the thermostat used in the thermo-bob costs about $12 to replace instead of the $40 that a stock thermostat costs. Overall, I rate this as THE mod to do for longevity on a KLR. (After the doo, of course :)

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  • Tusk In Line Water Cooler

    Tusk In Line Water Cooler

    dwight in MO

    Tusk inline cooler

    Bought two of these for by brothers banshee. Dont know how much of a difference they make but they look awesome!!

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  • R&G Radiator Guard

    R&G Radiator Guard

    Matthew in FL

    Looks great!

    I love the look of the guard! Only issues are that the screw they sent to mount it was too short (luckily I have lots of screws) and lower mount is held on by a zip tie. Not a big deal but for $80 I would like more ingenuity...

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