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  • 4Arm-Strong Self Therapy Device


    Dannie in CA

    A product that everybody needs

    Im happy that I waited for this thing to get a little cheaper lol, but I just got it today and tested it out, I followed all the instructions, I did it on my right arm, but left my left arm alone to do some tests, After I finished I realized my arm felt pretty good, I went and sat on my bike and held onto my handlebars the way I would as I would be doing a moto. After a few seconds I started to notice the difference, my right arm that I used the 4arm strong with felt a lot better than my left which I didnt use the 4arm strong with yet, I could feel that my right arm wasnt even using half the amount of strength that my left arm was using to grab the bars, and after holding on for a while with a good grip I could actually feel my left forearm burning up alot more energy, I will be going riding this weekend and will be back with an update.

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