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clay in Alaska

Comments On Aug 03, 2015:This helmet is amazing, fits much better (for me at least) than some helmets costing $200-300 more. I read lots of reviews about it being "noisy". Your on a motorcycle, going 70+ mph, welcome to motorcycling. I have a stack of helmets from Arai's to HJC's and I can tell you that they are all noisy. If it bothers you that much, maybe you should find a new hobby. If your not bothered by a little wind noise and you ride a motorcycle, you need a helmet. This helmet is comfortable, easy to use and best of all, has sunglasses built into it. Ive ridden with this helmet in the up position going 80mph and i was amazed that there wasn't any wind buffeting like I've experience with other modulars. The chin button is easy to find and use, as is the sunglass buttons. venting is OK, but no helmet I've used has venting worth talking about. The magnet for the strap is a nice touch also, Like most helmets, id recommend you find a place local to try it on as everyones head is different. Enjoy.

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super small fit

Ken in Utah

Comments On May 19, 2014:I came in the the store to try on this helmet, as the other reviews had been positive.
I could barely close the faceplate, my chin and nose were being crushed against it. the wraparound cheekbone protection is so tight as to be highly claustrophobic.
Do not buy without a try on, and size it 2 above your other brand helmet.

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Arturo in CA

Comments On Jul 29, 2013:great stile of healmets it give youa modern look.

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it's ok

sova klr in Virginia

Comments On Apr 28, 2013:It's ok I guess. Wind noise is a little high doesn't matter if the vents are open or closed. Definitely keep some super glue handy. I've had to reglue a couple peices of the bottom rubber back on and the magnet on the strap. Luckily the magnet and half the sticker over it got stuck to my mirror post instead of falling on the ground. You get what you pay for. Shield ratchets to multiple positions and "locks" in a slightly open position for good air. Doesn't seal perfectly when closed.

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Don't waste your money.

Rick in ND

Comments On May 30, 2012:I bought the Bell because it was on sale, didnt really need a new lid but figured what the heck, its a good looking helmet. It does have some nice features like the sunshade and the little magnet to hold the loose end of the strap. Like most other helmets, the vent system does absolutaly nothing. I can open the vents on a really cold day and I can't notice any air at all flowing thru the helmet. Fitwise, its pretty decent, if not abit tight on the temples but I'm sure that it would break in if one wore it long enough. Unfortunatly this helmet is so noisy I am not ever going to use it. I have 2 other modular helmets and although you couldnt describe them as real quiet, in comparrison to the Bell they are. I would reccomend that this helmet is only used for "in town" riding, where speed doesnt affect the wind noise. As usual, you get what you pay for, and in the case of this helmet I would recommend you pay abit more and get a helmet you can wear without the noise driving you really is that bad. I gave it a fair rating, but only if you never use it on the open road as it does have nice features and looks good. But what good is that if it is unwearable?

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