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very comfortable!!!


Comments On Apr 26, 2016:fits great, looks great, and its safe!! i liked a lot.

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Very sweaty

Peter in MT

Comments On Dec 21, 2015:Very good protection, I've flown off my bike and landed hard with this on and get right back up... leave your buddies wondering how your not dead. In hot weather prepare to sweat.... alot. Overall, I still wear on colder days but it's too hot to wear in summer. Also difficult to remove pads for washing.

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Pricey but Good

Detlef in VA

Comments On Nov 20, 2015:I have switched to this protector from a different brand built with hard plastics in the sensitive locations. Wearing the Leatt I barely notice that I wear a protector at all. That for it first felt like you are lacking protection but a few crashes later I must say it works just as well as those hard plastic versions. I had to exchange the first model because it was way too small. I would say sizing does run on the smaller end. Also as I have read on many reviews that the zippers on Leatt products are being reason for complains it is the same here - not very trustworthy! Having to take out all foam pads for washing the protector is a little annoying and a hassle but since those multi layers of foam pads seem to be taped together I would not recommend to wash it with the pads installed. Overall its a good product but the price is definitely high!

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Great Protection

Dayne in WY

Comments On Dec 29, 2014:The Leatt Brace 3DF AriFit Body Protector yields great protection in the chest, back, shoulders, and elbows. Where protection could have been improved were the rib and upper chest areas, there wasn't any protection there. The 3DF foam wasn't the most flexible foam ever its actually quite stiff in the more concentrated areas. I wish they tapered the edges for a much more contoured fit instead of wearing a small pillow over you chest. The zipper is functional but I feel if it were to break the entire set up would be ruined. I love the protection and flexibility and would recommend this product, I'm not quite sure yet if it's a direct replacement for my current chest protector but it's close. I wear a medium jersey and it still fits well over this product little tight on the arms.

Additional Comments On Oct 13, 2015:Tested for the summer and concluded that chest protection is lacking in the sternum and was very hot in the 80+ degree heat. It's nice because it's more desecrate then regular roost protectors but offered less protection. I don't know if I would get another one unless they made some improvements to the design.

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So far so good

chris in MN

Comments On Sep 09, 2015:I considered lots of other brands before pulling the trigger on this one. My only complaint is that it is awkward to remove when you're hot and sweaty. Otherwise, I like having an under jersey option and the security Leatt seems to offer

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Great protection

scott in PA

Comments On Aug 12, 2015:It's very comfortable when it's on but for slow technical riding it gets hot quick in the summer. I have a jersey and Camelbak on top and had to switch back to my Fox air frame roost guard so I think I need to look at the Leatt adventure chest protector for the summer months when doing single track. Over all I'm happy with it.

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Very satisfied

Chad in NY

Comments On May 13, 2015:I mainly race off-road; Hare scrambles and enduros. I agonized about buying the Leatt 3DF AirFit Body Protector for weeks. I wanted as much protection as I could get without being uncomfortable and overheating . I wanted true crash protection, not just a hard plastic roost shield. I had previously worn Leatt elbow guards as it was so I figured that a regular chest protector coupled with the elbow guards would probably hold as much heat in as this suit. Considering it seemed to be specifically designed to keep the rider as cool as possible with the moisture wicking fabric, the vending in the pads, etc., I figured it couldn't be any warmer than my other options so I went for it.
After having raced in it four times now, I can say I'm very satisfied. When I'm riding I forget I'm wearing it. All my time so far has been under 80 degrees but I don't believe it will be an issue. If you're just standing around in the sun with it on, yes, it will be hot, but when moving you can feel air flow.
The padding is very well placed and provides ample coverage. Others have mentioned about possibly needing a kidney belt but I feel that it's just fine way it is. Some have also been concerned about the zipper . While it is a small zipper, I'd describe it more as precision than light duty. It has shown no signs at all of failing.
One thing I realized quickly though is that you will want to wash it... often. Take the padding out and wash it, no problem. I did have one end of the trim (fabric) on the end of the opening for the front pad pull lose. It doesn't seem to be a structural fabric issue but the openings that you need to pull the pads through are kind of small and need to be stretched a lot in order to remove and replace the pads.
Also, noticed in a lot of reviews, some confusion on how to wear the Leatt neck brace with this and your jersey. There was mention of having to cut the neck of the jersey, etc. My method is to put the AirFit on, put the jersey on, then put the neck brace on. Fit's perfect. I usually wear a hydration pack and the straps go over the sides of the neck brace which helps to keep it down, in position. Maybe without this it would need to be hooked to the tabs on the AirFit? Not sure but it works fine for me.
I'm very impressed with this and happy with the purchase. I would definitely recommend to others. I wear a size medium shirt (which is a good, trim fit for me in most cases) and I ordered the Large/X-Large size in this which seems to work just fine.

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Was hesitant...but very pleased

Mark in TX

Comments On Nov 30, 2014:I was hesitant to spend the money on this protection suit. I have been using old school roost guard and separate elbow pads, etc. I will say that this body protector is the bomb! I fits well and is exceedingly comfortable...I forget that I have it on and while I have not had a serious wreck yet, it offers more protection than what I was wearing. It also breathes very well. I rode the other day and the temperature was around 80 degrees. I was surprised to find I was not sweating that much. There is some piece of mind that I have given myself a better chance when I have that serious crash. You cannot put a price on your health.

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Crap Zipper it will break

Paul in Georgia

Comments On Apr 27, 2014:this is nearly the perfect body armor but its flimsy zipper let go on the 2nd ride. Mine is an XL, I usually wear L. If you search the forums you will find this is a common issue

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what size are you and what size fit you

mike in CA

Comments On Apr 22, 2014:was considering this product but after trying on many other types and brands I've realized the sizing is difficult. What size fit you and what size are you?

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Great Fix, Kept Me Cool, Excellent Protection!

Matt in CA

Comments On Apr 14, 2014:I'm 5"10" 185 lbs and the Body Protector fit great, snug but not too tight. Forgot it was on me after awhile. I've never used under-armor protection prior to this purchase because I always envisioned these units to be much too hot. I was surprised at how cool I stayed with this product on and a XL jersey over it in sunny 78 degree whether. All the padding stayed perfectly in place, never needed to adjust even when I got sweaty. Had the chance to test out the protective aspect of the gear with one low-side, cross-rut, body slam to the earth and one moderate speed, bush dive off a single-track. Both instances I came out unscathed amazed that the soft padding in this Leatt product was so protective and durable.

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great flexability and protection

nicholas in CA

Comments On Mar 23, 2014:The 3df is awesome its protection is great has great mobility and keeps you cooler than other products ive had.

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Excellent product from Leatt

Julie in IL

Comments On Mar 20, 2014:Haven't rode with it yet, but trying it on gave me a good feel. It fits great, very comfortable, cool, light, and offers excellent protection. Foam is very strong but flexible.

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