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The perfect boot for me!

James in CO

Comments On Apr 08, 2016:These boots fit true to size. They are very comfortable to ride / push your bike. I live in western Colorado and the terrain can get pretty technical out here. Being able to walk in the boots is a big plus for me. I have had some pretty hard hits with rocks and stumps and no injuries! Probably not the best boot for MX, but it is the best for trail riding. I added steel toe protectors to help with protection to the boot. Highly recommended!

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Awesome Boots

Tim in IL

Comments On Dec 06, 2015:No break in period. Super comfy right from the start. Can't go wrong with these.

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started leaking

don in OH

Comments On Nov 29, 2015:These boots have been great and waterproof for 3 seasons and hundreds of miles in the woods, but now water gets thru, I don't know why. It doesn't come over the top as I wear water proof over the boot pants. No tears or holes anywhere. I've taken care of them with oil. I think the waterproof lining has been compromised somehow. I had to wear bread bags on my feet the last couple rides to keep them from getting soaked. But, these boots have been great until recently. I will contact Gaerne and ask what could have happened before I buy another pair. That said, I think they are the only boots to wear. Especially if you end up walking like I did yesterday. Very comfortable with good traction on hills.

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Christa in TX

Comments On Oct 29, 2015:These boots are the best period... We use them for Trials and they are durable and comfortable. VERY comfortable. The soles grip dull pegs I have and I am impressed.

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Qualiy Boot!!

Wes in ID

Comments On Feb 08, 2013:This boot, out of the box is the most comfortable boot I have ever worn. It has probably the best sole for slick surfaces. It seriously fit and was easy to walk in right out of the box. It is true to the size I wear. When I took a chance on this boot I needed a something between a Motocross boot & everyday work boot. I believe this boot is in Gaerne's trials riding class of boot. I ride hard trails, but needed a boot I could walk in when I'm helping buddies with their bikes on rides. It offers enough protection for harder trail rides. It is not recommended for any Motocross. There is just not enough ankle support for that. The quality is second to none. I watched a review online that said you could re-sole them. All I can say is give this boot a try. It's not the norm, but performs great!!

Additional Comments On Apr 07, 2013:I"m getting back on to further my review after 300 miles of riding. My view has not change one bit. This is the most fantastic, most comfortable trail riding boot I have worn ever!!!! Now I can see why it's been around so long. Considering that most people trail ride I'm shocked I don't see them more often out on the trail.

Additional Comments On Oct 29, 2013:Well, it's been about 1200 miles later on these boots. They look a little worn, but I re-oil them often and they look great. I've added the gaerne metal toe guards on each boot to keep the sole and leather together. On all of my nasty, knarly, singletrack riding I have only had a hand full of times I thought I need more protection. All in all still one of the better purchases I have ever made for dirt biking.

Additional Comments On Mar 09, 2014:Well, just another update. Just got back from another trip from Moab, Utah. Over 100 miles of riding rocky, unforgiving terrain. Boots still perform how I expect. Never felt once that my feet were under protected for trail riding. Reconditioned the leather when I got home & they look good as new.

Additional Comments On Jun 18, 2014:I have just completed another spring, riding in these boots. I have 1600 miles now on these boots. Over the last 1600 miles I can only recall one time my feet got wet wearing these boots. It was a time when I spent 45 minutes in a raging stream rescuing a fellow riders bike. The only way your feet will get wet is if water goes over the top of the boot. This fact alone has changed the way I look at motocross boots for trail riding. Everyone I ride with that have motocross boots get soggy feet if they dunk them in a deep creek. They all ride through streams with there feet in the air to keep'm dry. I hope Rocky Mountain carries this boot for a long time.

Additional Comments On Oct 08, 2014:I'm positive this is the only boot I will wear ever again for my dirt bike riding. I bought another set of MX style boots because I thought I needed more protection. Silly me! I should have bought another pair of these boots! I have almost 150 hours of riding gnarly single track on these things. About 2500 miles. I love them as much now as when I first slipped them on. They are holding up great!!!!

Additional Comments On May 26, 2015:It's spring of 2015. I know I seem to drone on about this boot, But it keeps impressing me. It has survived another spring in the mud and water. I keep reconditioning them and they're still water proof. Just amazing a boot this old is still water proof. Also the dang sole of this boot looks great still. I have probably 190 hours of Gnarly riding on these boots. Just Amazing!!!!!!!!!

Additional Comments On Oct 15, 2015:Well, it's October of 2015. I have completed another summer of riding with this boot. I still condition them with a boot grease & they still look great. Here in another 3 months I will have had these boots three years. I've been through heck and back with these boots. They are still my favorite riding boots of all time for trail riding.

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Gaerne oiled boot

Alan in CA

Comments On Feb 20, 2015:Iam 67 years old have been riding motorcycles for 50 years just getting back into riding in the dirt excellent boot super comfortable .

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Best Dual Sport Boot money can buy

Christian in CO

Comments On Sep 05, 2014:I have tried many boots prior to choosing the Gaerne. Most boots have a clunky feel, are stiff and weigh much. The Gaerne boots are like a natural extension of your calf and foot. They are soft, they allow you to walk without feeling as if you are wearing skiing boots and often I forgot that I was wearing them after a full day of riding. These boots seem to balance temperature very well, and they offer the protection I a looking for. The sole offers great traction and the retro look is appreciated. Waterproof? Yep. I waded shallow streams to assess the depth before riding through. The boot was submerged for probably five consecutive minutes and did not allow a single drop to enter. My next boot will be a Gaerne. Spend the cash, it is worth it.

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Trials boots

Jeff in WA

Comments On Jul 15, 2014:Got these boot very quick and am super happy with them .They are the most comfortable mc boots I have ever owned solid Rocky mountain deal

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Great feel right out of the box!

John in MN

Comments On May 25, 2014:I just received these boots and threw them on to see how they feel....WOW! They feel like a great pair of Danners from the get go. I'm not a racer so I didn't need the protection like my old Tech 8s have, and as others have said, you can wear these all day without wishing you could take them off!
With my Tech 8s, I couldn't wear them all day without pain.
I think these are comfortable enough to wear while riding my Victory on the street or my KTM going down the trails.
So far I don't see a downside to them at all!

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Gereat Boot!!!

James in NV

Comments On May 21, 2014:I trail ride and hike both together, with this boot no reason to pack hiking shoes. These are awesome for hiking and riding my atv.

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Leather is the only protection you'll get.

Erik in NY

Comments On Sep 26, 2013:If youâ??ve done any research on these at all, you know the Gaerne Balance Oiled boots have a cult-like following. Itâ??s deserved. The quality of the leather is phenomenal, the craftsmanship superb, the fit-and-finish is outstanding. They are gorgeous to behold. All that being said, I returned mine. Why? One word: Protection. In my opinion, these boots offer no more protection than an ANSI work boot, if that. Yes, they have the shin guard and a work boot doesnâ??t, but the ANSI boot would have a steel/composite toe and these donâ??t. Some might say the midsoles of the Balance boots are stronger, but if the work boot has a steel shank I seriously doubt it. Having a friend punch you in the toe or ankle bone while wearing these would result in you hopping around and cursing (unless your friend is a wuss) and thatâ??s nothing compared to what a stump, rock, or the frame of your bike can do. To be fair, Gaerne designed these for trials riding, and as far as I know thatâ??s done at very low speeds and on lighter bikes. I didnâ??t expect these to be motocross boots by any means, but I expected something more than just a single layer of leather around the ankle/heel/toe areas. There is not even a wear pad where the shifter contacts the boot! Unless you only do VERY light off-road riding, I would strongly suggest considering something a little more protective. I hate only giving these 3 stars, because in a world of mass-produced junk footwear they truly are works of art, but I intend to use my boots, not put them in a display case.

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Great boot

jamie in Ontario

Comments On Sep 30, 2013:Very happy with my perches. They are one of the nicest boots I have owned.

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One of the Best BOOTS so FAR... Feed stay dry

Helmut in VIC

Comments On Aug 12, 2013:Awesome Boots. I use them Trailriding on my Quad, Feeds stay dry the hole day. My Buddys just Ordered some GAERNE SG 12. Alpinestar is not always the Star on the Sky... WILL BUY GAERNE BOOTS AGAIN.

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Very comfortable for wide feet

Nathan in UT

Comments On Jun 24, 2013:These boots are awesome. They feel secure and solid, but what is more important to me is that they are incredibly comfortable for my wide feet. They fit true to size as far as the number size, but they feel like an EE or so in width. They are comfortable out of the box, and really comfortable after a few days of wear. I can't recommend them highly enough.

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Great boot.

Stephen in UT

Comments On Mar 26, 2013:Comfortable and give you solid protection. Leather got grinded down in a few spots but in moab but I think these will wear better on dirt trails where I plan to use them.

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Love them


Comments On Jan 30, 2013:comfortable out of the box

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Very Pleased

Stephen in UT

Comments On Jan 25, 2013:So, these are a little bit on the pricey end for what I could have purchased by way of boots, but for me these fit the bill perfectly. I ride an ATV, not quite as demanding or dangerous as MX, but certainly wet and dirty. These boots ARE WATERPROOF! I took them out as soon as I purchased them and spent hours in ankle deep wet and muck. Feet were toasty dry after the day was over. They are comfortable for walking long periods in and provide moderate safety on a quad. I don't feel like a stormtrooper in them either like other MX boots I have worn. If you are looking for a safe boot that looks great, comfortable to walk in and holds up to the elements, this is your boot!

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Very comfortable

Bill in WA

Comments On Jan 04, 2013:The comfort while walking is unsurpassed, it feels like a hiking boot! Waterproof....I'm the only one in our group with dry feet! The flexible gum rubber sole is not the best for stand-up riding. I had a bad case of plantar fasciitis after a long ride and can attribute it to the gum soles. Also, there isnt a lot of lateral ankle support. I would recommend this boot for casual trail riders, not for the aggressive type.

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love this boot

Mike in CA

Comments On Oct 05, 2011:I bought this boot for the KLR adventure ride I had planned. Best choice I could have made! I love them. very comfy even hiking in. waterproof too - tested many times!

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Truly waterproof and very comfortable


Comments On Jul 05, 2011:Was a little skeptical about the waterproofness but after spending 15-20 minutes wading in 3-8" inches of fast moving very cold (still lots of snowmelt going on up high here in north idaho) creek water repairing part of a singletrack bridge my feet were completely dry and warm. Very comfortable, almost zero breakin and the gum rubber soles gave great traction on the slippery rocks while doing some bridge maintainance. About 2 inches shorter than normal so knee brace didnt stick into boot top. Fit seems to be true to size. Quality is typical Gaerne, excellent!
Additional Comments On Jul 05, 2011: Lightweight n easy to walk in.

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