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derrick in IN

Comments On Jan 01, 2016:very nice strong rope, works well for snow plowing

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Cheap, good value

Don in Minnesota

Comments On Nov 20, 2014:If you are looking for a sacraficial rope for plowing, this is a cheap alternative for the big name ones. I saw the complaint about it breaking several times, but I have a suspician that the person had a worn fairlead that was causing abraision to the rope. It is only a rope, it isnt indestructable. To remedy that to the best of my ability, I noticed my fairlead was not worn on the top roller at all. When I installed the rope, I just inverted my fairlead and now it has a very smooth, new-liker roller to slide on. In the spring when I reinstall the cable, I will just put the fairlead back so I always have a near new roller for my plow rope. If both are worn, pick up a new fairlead just for plowing. For about $20, it will keep your plow rope like new for years.

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Saved my winch cable

William in PA

Comments On May 05, 2014:If you plow, get this! Better to replace nylon than a whole steel winch line. Only takes 15 min to swap.

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Great product.

Kevin in CO

Comments On Mar 19, 2013:I used this for a 72" plow blade this past winter. No problems or separation, and the synthetic material seems to be holding up very well. The price is far less than that of the Warn rope, but it is better quality than the synthetic rope that came with my Warn winch.

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Good cheap lift rope

Rand in WY

Comments On Dec 23, 2012:I like that it is so easy to swap out my normal winch line for this thicker rope for plowing. After a few uses, it seems like it is starting to fray a little bit where it goes over the roller repeatedly but not enough that I'm worried it will break. Worst case scenario, I'll toss it after the plow season and buy another for next winter. $15 a year to save my $50+ normal winch line from this abuse is an acceptable cost to me but we'll see how how it wears as time goes on.

Additional Comments On Jan 11, 2013:I originally rated this 5 stars but after the rope breaking today I'll drop it to 2 stars. I havent plowed with it that much and when I winch up, I make sure not to winch it up all the way to put unnecessary strain on it. It broke right where it goes over the rollers. I tied the broken end to the plow and kept on plowing and that also broke where it goes over the rollers. Had to tie the broken end to the plow two more times. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to buy another Tusk rope to see if it was just a bad rope or try one of the more expensive brand of ropes.

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Nice rope for plowing.

Marcus in WI

Comments On Nov 08, 2012:A little too short for my taste, but it does work! I hope it stands up to the weather and plow weight.
Shipped fast and had a good price from RMAtv.

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Mike in CA

Comments On Oct 26, 2011:I got an early start plowing this year since I had to use my snow plow to move gravel around. I have used other plow ropes that cost way to much. this rope is priced reasonable and works great. It is very strong and has taked a lot of abuse and still looks great!

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