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Great traction


Comments On May 06, 2013:Easy to install and use and provides great traction in the ice, if you need traction on ice this is what you need.

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Great Snow Tire Chains

Greg in UT

Comments On Nov 12, 2011:I'm pleased with the overall quality of these snow chains. I am running these on my 2005 quadsport 400 (Yes, a two wheel drive sport machine in the snow) with Kenda Road-Go 20x11-9 rear tires and these chains fit great using the 14.5" x 52" size.
I haven't had a chance to try these in the snow yet, (the season is still young), but I am impressed by the aggressiveness of these v-bar chains.
Install time for these chains is pretty short once your have a good handle on the routine. 1 minute per tire is a good estimate once you know exactly how these fit your atv/utv.
The install manual DOES recommend bungee cords and/or deflating the tire before installing and re-inflating after, to keep the chains tight, but I think I've got a great fit even without cords or deflating.
Also, the manual recommends a maximum speed of 5mph when these chains are installed, but I'll see if they become dangerous at higher speeds and post my findings. I think these were designed for low-speed plowing, not cross-country excursions in third gear.
It is not mentioned on the product page, but the product does include a black plastic storage container for the chains. This is helpful if you want to keep these on a front or rear rack until you reach the snow. DON'T USE ON BARE PAVEMENT!
I will edit this review once I have some fresh powder, compacted snow and ice to test these on.
One side note that's not a big deal, but was a pain for a few minutes, was a defect on the set I received. One of the lengths of v-bar chain was improperly twisted and as a result, some of the chain was facing back into the tire. This was remedied with a flat head screwdriver and a hammer. Thankfully this fix didn't require any welding. I'm not sure how common the problem is for this product, but would be interested to read if anyone else experiences this.
Additional Comments On Dec 01, 2011:I've had some time to test these chains thoroughly, and I must say, I am impressed!
These chains give amazing grip on snow covered ice, pavement, dirt and mud.
For my two-wheel drive sport quad, this gets me across all of the trails I want to ride on an ATV before the snow depth gets sufficient enough for a snowmobile. The grip of these chains is great, snowy hills that I used to need momentum to scale, can be easily crawled in first gear while the chains grip into the gravel, rocks and mud. An important advantage of chains for my machine is being able to hold lateral traction on the off-camber hills. Anyone who has trail ridden a 2WD sport quad can tell you, the rear tires will spin your quad down, against the slant, unlike a 4wheel-drive which will keep its course through the slant without the rear end sliding out. These chains help my back tires grip the slant better than my front tires. I was very cautious about the durability of these chains when I used them on my first trail ride, I was cringing every time I spun tires over the big rocks, but was pleasantly surprised that these chains held their fit and didn't break any links. Also, My original review promised me testing the chains at higher speeds than what the manufacturer recommends. I can say that it is possible to ride at about 35 mph, but the quad does get wobbly at that speed. Both of my tires are still intact, absolutely no damage from these chains.

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