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Weak Zippers

Fred in Idaho

Comments On Jun 16, 2014:I purchased this item and when I received it the zipper on the right arm would not stay zipped. The other zippers are junk as well. There are better products than this.

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Cheap zippers on an expensive suit!

Richard in QC

Comments On Apr 23, 2014:The zipper are flimsy and the zipped arm sections detached themselves on the first ride. I had to put Tie Wraps! I lost plastic parts on the second ride because of flimzy bolts. The elbow guards are way too big fot nothiing (but they seem to be all like that, maybe foe CE certification) Half the size and thickness would be ok. I will have the sleeves sown on (as they should have been in the first place), have the main chest zipper replaced for a quality YKK zipper and try to remove a layer of padding in the elbow guars. Why do all this? Because of the nice one piece front chest plate....

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Good protection, build quality isn't worth the $

Rick in CA

Comments On Mar 21, 2014:Worn it twice, on the second ride we had to backtrack to find the missing thoracic back plate. We found it with one of the screws missing and the other still in the back plate. Called RockyMt and asked about warranty/return, and they had Leatt send me out bag of screws after requesting pictures of the missing screw; However, not one of these were the correct screw. I would say the protection is great, if the product would hold up better. I wouldn't recommend this product at this point.

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Not for me

Ron in CA

Comments On Mar 03, 2014:Thought the mesh all in one with elbow pads would be great.. It does offer more lower back protection than anything I've seen. The zip on/off elbow pads, don't feel secure and didn't line up with my arm length. (31) It is a little awkward to put on and off over your head. Went with the Leatt 5.5 same price but it fit me better and feels really solid..

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Some good some not so

Steve in California

Comments On Jun 14, 2013:Rode two solid days with it this weekend. Bought it because my Fox armor does not fit with the Leatt brace. This one does but it has some quirks. The mesh is extremely fragile. I had several rips due to slight contacts with branches. I was wearing a t shirt with protector exposed. I would normally wear a jersey over it but none fit the neck brace.
It is pretty comfortable and once you get used to putting it on no big issues there.
Lot of money for something that will need replacing in a year or so.

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Some Good, Some Bad

Wade in OR

Comments On Mar 06, 2012:The chest, back and shoulder protection is good. However, the sleeves are idiotic. First off, the zip-off is unnecessary, very weak and poorly designed. Second, the elbow crook cut out is unnecessary and causes another weak point in the sleeves. The elbow guards do not have an effective strap to keep them in place. The strap that exists does not work well and will likely help contribute to arm pump. The only way to make this system work for me is to remove the sleeves and buy some other elbow guards. A crying shame considering how much this thing cost. I would not recommend this product and very disappointed.

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Not worth the $

Tiberiu in UT

Comments On Mar 05, 2012:I was excited when this jacket came out and thought it's got all I was looking for, I was wrong. I ride tight trails, desert races, some track time and wanted a replacement for my Thor Impact rig which got old. This doesn't even compare to the Thor. The Leatt is really heavy, very warm (bad) and it's build quality is quite poor considering the $230 price tag. The back protector is not removable and contains what looks like 3/4" thick high density foam that alone must weigh 2 lbs. I took it out and left the plastic shell only. The elbow guards are positioned wrong and the actual elbow is exposed in a crash. The elbows also have very thick padding which makes the plastic twist around easily on the arm. I think the only good thing about this jacket is the chest protector which provides good coverage without the crazy bulk. I'm now back to wearing my old Thor unfortunately.

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Big Bulky And Weak Zips

paul in VIC

Comments On Mar 03, 2012:You'll look like the incredible hulk in this, Back protector is huge so your jersey size will have to go up a notch or two. It will no doubt stand up well under impact, however the zippers are very flimsy along with the mesh. All in all I've had better armor for half the price.

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