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save your money!

ben in OR

Comments On Jul 05, 2012:This thing caused nothing but trouble! It sets so close to the head that it will eat a hole in no time at all! had to wire it back off the head even then it still rubs the fuel line which left me stranded in the middle of st.Antony's sand dunes! there is no power change ether save the money and get something worth the money!!

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Steve in NM

Comments On Apr 16, 2009:It is a pretty good product I added it to my 2002 banshee and it gives it a more consistant and accurate throttle response on the bottom end

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Who Knows???


Comments On Oct 19, 2008:Does it add performance?? Cant tell ya', but at least it fits and looks good.

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bad product

john bullard

Comments On Aug 02, 2008:I bought the boost bottle about 2 months after getting my banshee. Hoping to add a little acceleration to the banshee I spent about an hour trying to jam it in place without taking off the gas tank and all the front fenders. I found out it wasn't going to fit. So i spent another 30 minutes taking off the front fenders and gas tank. Once i got the boost bottle on i noticed the gas line looked kinked so i tried running it to see if it was kinked. It wasn't. The boost bottle had a very tight fit. I kept the bottle on there for about 3 months untill it got so hot from vibrating on the cylinder head it burn't a hole in the gas line. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND BUY SOMETHING WORTH THE MONEY DON'T WASTE IT ON SOMETHING THATS GOING TO ADD MAINTANANCE.

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i want my money back!

Jason in CT

Comments On Mar 22, 2008:i love FMF...but the boost or "roost" bottle is a way to make a buck. I didnt notice any power gain! And its so tight that the fuel line is almost kinked up over the top of the thing. It also vibrates againts the cylinder head on the banshee.. took mine off just befor it rubbed a hole in the boost bottle. Save your money.. you wont notice anything, and if you do its probably because the weather changed.. you know how banshee are...

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Great power adder


Comments On Jan 29, 2008:Added this boost bottle to my '05 Banshee after a couple of trips to the dunes. The power is more consistent and the low end response seems to have improved greatly.
Basically this boost bottle just replaces the balance tube between your intake manifolds. The fit is tight and the fuel line sits right on top of bottle when the tank is installed. Other than that, installation is a breeze. Using factory clamps and a pair of pliers, I had the bottle installed in about 10 mins with average mechanical skills. I wish the instructions were more clear on which direction the bottle faces as the angled side could go forward or backward and it changes the routing of the vacuum and fuel lines. Overall a great product and a good value.

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