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GMax GM11D Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet 2014 Reviews

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Spend The Extra Money

Malcolm in Arizona

Comments On Oct 13, 2014:It is a decent helmet does run a bit small don't know what the next size would be like but the helmet is not good for highway use at all whatsoever my current fully offroad helmet is less wind resistant than this helmet definitely a city helmet. Otherwise the visor and shield are pretty nice, strap system feels like really cheap metal though. If you are just looking for something for very light duty riding this helmet is okay otherwise I really do not recommend it.

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Great helmet


Comments On Jul 15, 2014:I wound up returning the helmet due to fit. runs a little small. but other then that, for the cost, seems all around nice helment.

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Gmax did it

Martin in CO

Comments On Apr 07, 2014:Love the helmet. Great fit and style.

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Comments On Jul 18, 2013:no worries

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Herbert/SALIM in FL

Comments On Jul 04, 2013:excellent for those riders who wear eyeglasses

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Don't wreck with this helmet.

jason in MD

Comments On Jul 01, 2013:Loved the way the helmet fit and the design of it. First ride with wrecked on a soft grass field at about 45 mph and you would have thought I had wrecked at 100mph on the highway. The helmet exploded into 6 pieces all going in all directions. For landing on grass and rolling the helmet almost completely sliced my upper lip off, put a gash in my forehead and I still suffered a concusion. I've wrecked at higher speeds and on harder ground with my HJC and never even broke the visor. I mean its a nice helmet and all but it's not going to protect you should you wreck. I've been riding for over 20 years and I've never seen a helmet come apart like that.

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GMax GM11D Helmet

Robert in NJ

Comments On Jun 08, 2013:I ordered the helmet on a friday and recieved it on the folliwing tuesday and I must say for the free shipping I recived it quite quickly, as for the helmet itself it fits great and I have no complaints at all, worth every penny spent! its lightweight durable and works very well with and without the visor vents are easier to open and close even with gloves on by far the best hundred bucks I have ever spent definately worth more then 5 stars!

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Helmet Paint Issue

Geo in Florida

Comments On Feb 15, 2013:The helmet looks great, feels great, fits great. But....the paint on it chips and falls of easily. There is definitely a manufacture defect. Too bad because if not this would be the best helmet money can buy.

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Better than the price

KENAROO in Texas

Comments On Feb 17, 2013:I picked this helmet up a week or so ago to replace my fulmer ds helmet.
I wear a size medium and this helmet (medium)was a good fit with a little tightness in the cheek area but nice and snug they way I like it. Lining is very nice. Weight is not as light a s the fulmer or my fly formula mx helmets but its not too noticeable . Venting is great and I could feel the flow in the helmet. Face shield is very good and doesn't not distort at all and seals on the helmet well.. Face shield fogs a little when stopped in the cold weather but the vented air flow clears it well while moving.
While on the road the helmet is quiet and doesn't buff in the wind .
The visor is designed so you can lift the face shield completely out of the way. This is good but the result of this is a flimsy visor that vibrates over 60 mph. This is amplified by the quietness of the helmet and is my biggest complaint.
Overall I really like the style and fit of this helmet. The vibration of the visor is not that bad but I think others might get annoyed.
For the price I think it's a super value.

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Best money ever spent

Chris in Illinois

Comments On Feb 12, 2013:Unsure how much I would like this helmet when I got it, being an inexpensive helmet. I love it so far. Lightweight and comfy, I like that I can put the shield back and throw on a pair of goggles. I got the neon yellow as I want people on the road to see me, it is a very bright color

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amazed so far


Comments On Feb 06, 2013:i was really worried about buying this "cheap" helmet but could not be happier so far. it is plenty light, in fact lighter than my much more expensive KBC. the fit is nice and the front visor works really well. there is an ever so slight distortion, but it is so little that i don't even notice anymore. i also LOVE the fact that the visor goes all the way up, out of your field of view. it will fog up on cold mornings if your vents aren't open but keeps you nice and warm. wind buffeting has been greatly reduced due to the large air ports under the visor. once again, much better than my old "off-road" helmet. if this helmet lasts for any length of time i will change my rating and give it 5 stars!

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Great helmet for the money

Dante in NY

Comments On Dec 14, 2012:I got the High-Vis yellow and am absolutely pleased. Little bit of fogging when stationary but after you get some wind going, it clears right up. Thanks RMATV

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Great helmet for the money!

Robert in ID

Comments On Aug 29, 2012:Rode 110 miles with this today. Great helmet and much better than the other 3-4 low priced Dual Sport helmets. Fits great, I am usually a large and this fit true.
The ventilation is awesome, and the vents are easy to open or close with gloves on.
This is the only low priced Dual Sport helmet that allows the face shield to be opened all the way up, out of view. The Fly Trekker and MSR Expedition helmets only open so far, and leave the bottom of the shield right at eye level, which is actually dangerous.
The face shield also stays closed and sealed at 90 mph, impressive. The noise factor wasn't bad at all, very comfortable. I ordered the high visible yellow model and could see people in their cars looking at me while approaching and one even gave a compliment at the light and asked where I got it. I proudly bragged on Rocky Mountain ATV!
By the way, I ordered my helmet on Sunday night and was shocked to get it this morning (Wednesday) with free shipping!
If you are comparing this helmet against the Fly Trekker or the MSR helmet like I was, trust me. This is the one to get.
clear shield that opens all the way and stays shut at high speeds. Also, the High visibility option just may save your life.
Thanks again to my friends at Rocky Mountain ATV for another great product at a low price and packed so carefully. And, how do you get it shipped so fast without charging for shipping? I'm impressed!

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