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Decent boots but broke in one ride

Hans in Florida

Comments On May 03, 2013:OK, i was amazed when i realized my brand new boots' sole was coming apart in only 1 ride. Insane, but there it is. The boots themselves arent that comfortable or great, but for the price they will do. The problem was the lack of quality and how quickly they broke, i cant give it more than 1 stare. After attempting to glue and patch the sole i gave up, what a nightmare. Dont bother buying, wish they would have been made stronger.. more long lasting, maybe would have been ok boots.

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They are decent

Trey in OK

Comments On Mar 18, 2013:The support is fairly decent but have worn them 3 times and one of the buckles is already broken... granted it broke when I took a hard fall but still

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Just wear a leg cast instead

Brandon in CA

Comments On Feb 17, 2013:Bought these on clearance. Tried them on and they were comfortable, but -very- stiff in the ankle, so much I couldn't even shift my quad without leaning my whole body forward awkwardly. I'm glad I tried a mock run in the garage before taking them out to the dirt. Maybe they're for motorcycles only, I don't know. But I felt like they would cause an accident. I'm all about crash protection, but not if wearing it makes you crash.

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Support and Fit- Good; Buckles - Bad

Kerri in OR

Comments On Dec 16, 2012:The support and the fit of the boots is good. I like the hard plastic shell that covers the foot and I am able to fit knee braces and in-the-boot pants into them with ease. I do not like the buckles. They are hard to line up and fasten and one or two of them usually come undone during a race.

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Comfortable boot

Shane in Wyoming

Comments On Nov 16, 2012:This boot is very comfortable. There was no break in period as opposed to a new pair of another brand my buddy bought and offered to let me take them riding. They really beat up my ankles, but the Axos were great from the start. These are not waterproof (didn't expect them to be), but they do slow down the water. At the closeout price they are a great deal.

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