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decent investment

jeromy in NE

Comments On Jun 16, 2014:I rode my entire youth without a chest protector in the desert. I started riding again after 25 years passed & bought 2 of these for my son & I because I could afford them.
I am pleased with the purchase & have only a couple minor negative comments. This is a bulky unit compared to others on the market. The shoulder shields are like super hero wings.
This saved me a couple nasty punctures from branches no doubt but I will eventually upgrade to a more compact unit.

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old saying! you get what u pay 4!

beau in WA

Comments On Feb 10, 2013:2 rides on this thing & its falling apart first the nuts fell out so I loctited the together & now all the plastic snaps that hold the foam are popping out & breaking tried super glue with no luck.

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Good Protections not great

Eddie in IL

Comments On Sep 05, 2012:When I first got this protector I was a little disappointed in the way that it felt cheep. After wearing it I think that it offers a light weight option for roost deflection. I am not sure on the protection that it will give in a crash. Over all it is a good choice if you want something lightweight.

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Comfortable and good quality

dean in NT

Comments On Aug 28, 2012:I have been on a couple of big rides since i received this, and it is holding up great!
I can easily slip a backpack or camel-pack over it, but it cannot be worn under the jersey.

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very comfortable

Dillon in TX

Comments On Mar 31, 2011:i have had it for about two months now and loved it. does not restrict movement and is made with a good quality plastic the only downside is the screws that hold the pads to the plastic are not made very good.

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roost deflector

Jerrod in CO

Comments On Dec 29, 2010:This is a really comfy nice fitting chest protector. I bought this one to go with my evs evo neckbrace. It works pretty well with it. My main complaint is that to adjust it evs uses super soft aluminum screws. Soft could also translate cheap. It is so soft that it gets chewed up reeaaally easy and now all four adjusting screws look like crap. The rest of the chest protector is top notch though!

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Comments On Dec 10, 2010:I took the arm shields off and love this, very comfortable and when I was in the dunes it is actually cooler to wear it with a jersey than jersey alone! might sounds crazy but Im serious it made a big difference and also if you wear a camel back it keeps the straps from digging in and when you get roosted with rocks etc. it doesnt hurt

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good match

arthur in NY

Comments On Apr 07, 2010:evs roost deflector is a perfect match with the evs neck brace. it is large enough to provide good protection, seems strong and dosent have those arm protector things i have to cut off after one ride. recommend this. my boys prefer the neck brace and roost deflector not connected. seems like more freedom of movement that way.

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Excellent roost deflector

Jim in GA

Comments On Mar 11, 2010:Had this for a while now -- still in good shape..

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