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Vest has its limits


Comments On Nov 06, 2012:Bought this vest for racing motocross in the summer heat. Raced with it on a 100+ degree day, kept me cool for the first 4 laps, after that it felt like a heater, race lasted 6 laps. I hated life the last lap. Works great for a short period of time.

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Good for MX, not so much for off road


Comments On Jul 21, 2011:One of my riding buddies and I each got one of the EVS CTR vests to help endure the heat here in Arizona. Until now we have used 661 Core Coolers, which work on the same principle, but wanted something that covered more of your body. Because the vest works in the same fashion, yet covers a larger area, it seemed to be just the thing to help increase our comfort on hot days. And, for the most part, it does. There's just one drawback though. The portion of the vest that retains the water only helps keep you cool for maybe 1 hour, at best, then it's pretty much dry. I could see where it would work fine for the duration of a moto, but it signs off way to fast for the riding we do. The Core Cooler easily stays effectively cool all day long, so there's really no reason to believe that the CTR vest couldn't do the same if it had more of the stuff that retains the water in it. I called EVS to find out their take on why it drys so quickly. They told me that the CTR vest was designed with MX riders in mind. If that's the kind of riding you do, then this will really help you to get through a moto on those hot days. But, if you're like a lot of us who ride for more than an hour at a time, you may not be real happy with your purchase. The concept is great, but they (EVS) need to consider that not everybody rides short motos. Maybe if enough of us call or e-mail them, and let them know that we need a product that will go the distance, then they'll make a cooling vest that will work for the off road crowd too.

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