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2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

Great Dual Sport Helmet


Comments On Jun 10, 2015:I have been on many rides with this helmet now and it has turned out to be very comfortable. The visor can be cracked just a little to let air in if needed. Very good quality and the fit seem good. Pay attention to the fit chart.

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2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

drz400sm crf250l

marc in NJ

Comments On Mar 21, 2015:well, i've wanted this helmet for a long time... i finally bought a new drz400sm which has been my naughty want for many years... well since i got the bike i always wanted, i figure why not upgrade the old trekker helmet to the variant... well i love it except for a couple things... first, the skirt around the bottom pushes really hard against my sides of my neck... it almost chokes me... kind of like when you stop the blood to your head to pass out... makes me feel very uneasy... i am not a steak neck either... i have a 17" neck, and i bought the xl... i have a 24" head... the rest of the helmet fit me as it should and it was wonderful... but the choking neck i couldn't live with... it broke my heart... but the other things that made it a little easier to send back is the fact that my fox main pro goggle CAN NOT fit... the padding in the helmet keeps the goggles so far away from my face it was crazy... (during the summer i like to remove the shield on my fly trekker helmet and run goggles, i get much better air flow and don't feel like i am breathing my exhale. hahaha) i also like to take the sun visor off and rock it that way for longer trips... easier on the neck and shoulders... the visor does not come off for riding purposes on the icon.... those 2 things alone is a no good for me... also, when you open the shield, your finger rubs the shield seal gasket pretty hard... i can see this becoming a problem over the long term.... some of the fitment of the front mouth surround were not attached and you could see light though it... i tried pushing it in and finessing it some, but it just kept bubbling out.... besides glue or an epoxy, it was not gonna be fixed....
so all in all, besides the head shape fitting me better, and me loving the "BUG" look of the helmet... it was a flop for me in every other field... sad, i was in total lust of the helmet....
i went with an AGV ax-8 evo DS instead and don't regret it one bit...

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Buy it

John in California

Comments On Feb 16, 2013:Great quality. Mid level price. I love it. Inside doesn't break down like cheaper helmets. Feels solid. Lens seals well and doesn't fog. Excellent peripheral view.

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Looks amazing

Jeff in OR

Comments On Aug 17, 2012:And fits amazing. At 60 on the highway no drag if you are looking forward but if you are not ready for it, looking to your blind spot might catch you off guard. Def has some wind drag sideways but i have a feeling all helmets do. It comes with its own cleaning kit, all the accessories and carrying bag. Also comes with a black visor (Use it at night and day) can see everything clear and its really hard to see into it.
Ive taken some hard shell bugs to the visor and helmet and so far nothing has phased it.
The vent system is pretty good too, On a hot day it lets in enough air to keep the top of your head cool and the sweat from running down into your face, All of the vents are closeable with a gloved hand @60mph easy.
All in all i love it, the construct version of this helmet is pretty unique and with the option to get gold reflective or silver reflective shields the customization feels good.
Dont go taking the face shield off with a screw driver. They give you a key to open it up without hurting it. Just look for it in the box!!!!!!!Ask me how i know. lol
TL:DR Amazing helmet, keeps you cool/warm with easy to use vents. Extremely good fit and comfort. Buy one!

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