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Works but could be better

Andy in WI

Comments On Apr 07, 2015:The pros: very little power required, easy to mount, mounting extensions included.
The cons: Not very bright, lens doesn't seal, bulbs fit loosely in the housing.

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Nothing but BAD


Comments On Mar 11, 2015:This is one cheap nasty product. The lens covering the bulbs is completely unsealable and in 10 minutes of riding the inside of your light is going to be completely dusted out. Go through a puddle and that dust is going to be black streaked dirt.
The construction is cheap so the plastic scratches 10 times easier than any of your other plastic and it just looks cheesy.
The fit on a KTM 350 is poor, It will obscure your low fuel lamp and the brake cable will catch if you route it behind the cover and drag if you mount it in front.
The most annoying part is that the bulbs are poorly secured and fall out. To get a replacement you might have to buy a few bulbs until you find the right one. No one carries a replacement and PoliSport isn't going to tell you which bulb it needs, they will send you back to the retailer because they don't do any user support.

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Great headlight

Benjamin in PA

Comments On Mar 09, 2015:Works well and looks good. Easy to hook up.

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Keith in CA

Comments On Dec 07, 2014:Plenty bright for getting home late on winter rides. My only complaint is that i got some water behind the lens so that will need some rtv.

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Wow , bad taste

Ron in Arizona

Comments On Jul 01, 2014:Though the old axiom "Get what you pay for" is a solid principal to live by this product did not apply . Paid the extra to get a good headlight but was not rewarded as such. Poor craftsmanship (Lens does not seal ) Poor Lighting (Equivalent to less than 35w Halogen) . Communication with Vendor revealed they would not take it back without a huge restocking discount. to the fact that the headlight is used. I had no time to test prior to camping trip on this bike. . I am now challenged with the task to upgrade this item with a 11w MR16 Style LED and a method to seal the lens from the headlight. The mounting of this headlight was the only bright spot (no pun intended!) . It allows a high mount and the ability to clear my stem mounted oil cooler as well as my fender bag. Regards.. Ron 40Yrs Bike Exp XR650l XR600r (Electrric Start!) EXC 525 Raptor 660 Valk Interstate

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Worth Every Penny

Kevin in Oklahoma

Comments On Nov 06, 2013:I was skeptical due to the price but this light is bright!!! and I expected flicker since my bike is a 2 stroke with no battery. I installed it on my 97 KDX 220 and it is 10X brighter than stock and the other aftermarket light I installed 5 years ago and no flicker or dimming. If you want lots of light on a 2 stroke this is the one to buy. It is worth the money!!!

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Jake in ID

Comments On Sep 02, 2013:I used this light on my 2012 YZ450F by tapping into my power source where the gytr tuner plugs in. Works awesome!

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Cant beat the price

Andrew in FL

Comments On Aug 29, 2013:I installed this light on my rmz450 and I dont have a very powerful stator. This light draws very little power and its pretty bright. Its brighter than most stock lights and I have been very happy with it.

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Let there be light!

Andrew in Florida

Comments On Feb 16, 2013:Easy universal mount and includes extensions for additional clearance. I bought this light because i only have a 50W stator on my Rmz 450 and i needed something bright but minimal power consumption. The light does not dim at low rpm and it is much brighter than what comes stock on most trail bikes. Great on the trail because of the wide beam and low price. If you dont want to spend $400 this is the next best thing.

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great light

Cole in MT

Comments On Mar 22, 2012:Good quality light, perfect fit on my XR650R, no complaints. The light is very white and adequate for trails and moderate speeds (I wouldn't use it racing at night) up to 40 mph I'm comfortable with the visibility, over that though I would recommend something brighter.

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