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Good tire for a great price

David in TX – Machine this part was bought for: 2015 KAWASAKI KLR650

Comments On Oct 23, 2015:I was aware of the 705 before I bought it from Rocky Mountain (RM), but what clinched it for me was the great video support they offer for most of their stock. The videos keep your attention, not slow or boring, very professional and not some guy talking a mile a minute to try and impress. Your videos and reviews on the Shinko 705, made selecting it easy. I just bought my bike a few weeks ago, and like all things I do I started collecting accounts to make selection and buying an ease, but after reviewing 6 other parts providers, RM has them all beat. The prices are so much lower than their competitors. Thanks for making a website that is so user friendly, and having the since to keep track of my machine. You guys rock!

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Great so far

Curt in MI

Comments On Sep 08, 2015:Installed a pair of 705's on my R 1200 GSA the break in time is fairly long almost 200 miles before they felt comfortable but after that they ride good on dirt roads and on the interstate also grippy in the rain . With 5,500 miles the front looks almost new the rear should last another 1,000 . But at the price about 1/2 of others who could complain . I'll keep buying for sure!

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Great tire for the price.

Pete in New Mexico

Comments On Sep 02, 2015:2012 Super Tenere 1200. Woody's Wheels conversion 21"x17". I have had Pirelli MT90 AT Tires as well as a rear Heidenau K60 on this bike. I wanted to try the 705's as I used 009 Raven Shinko tires on my Triumph Tiger 1050 and the 705's on my 98 Tiger 900 in the past. Observation: the Pirelli tires are almost close cousin to the 705's but cost much more and may have a deeper tread. Conclusion: I prefer the Shinko's they hold to dirt much better last just under the same miles as the MT90. K60? Nice long life but to my they start feeling snotty wet or dry after 3k miles, at 5k I took them off. I prefer grip over long life any day, I blame the center solid strip on the K60's it is like a street tire with hard rubber. I get around 5.5k out of the 705 tire. The front tire should be called Shinko Howlers lots of noise but I use ear plugs after about 500 miles the do calm down a little.
Dang good tire can hold a load as well.

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Great life

Jason in AZ – Machine this part was bought for: 2008 KAWASAKI KLR650

Comments On Jul 09, 2015:I've had this tire on my bike for a while and have taken it offroad. I used to run 33psi but now run stock pressure because it's more comfortable both on and offroad. It works surprisingly well offroad. It runs a little warmer after riding on the freeway at stock pressure, but I haven't had any problems. I've taken a nail and a screw to the tire so far. The nail was about an inch into a shoulder tread block and didn't penetrate the tube, the screw went straight between the tread blocks and it was all over for the tube. Replaced the tube and all is well.

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9,991 miles


Comments On May 20, 2015:I did not want to spend a lot of $ on tires. The last mile of my commute is in a dirt rail yard at best, not good for tires! I ran 9,991 miles on the rear tire. It had 2/32 in the center left. Never a flat. Front is still about 85% I dont ride serious off road,but I do like to explore! Mostly on graded dirt roads in the desert some easy trails, I have a dirt bike for the hard stuff. These tires work great on the street and on wet pavement. They were less than half the price of the tires they replaced. 2007 BMW GS1200 R

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NC700X rear tire

Jeremy in TX

Comments On May 14, 2015:The 150/70 worked great for me, comparing longevity to a PR3 I think this tire does well. I got around 6,000 miles compared to the PR3 getting about 8,500. Improves off-road fun and after a few hundred miles it feels fine on the road, but at first it feels knobby. Surprisingly good wet traction as well.

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Initial impressions only here.

Rick in ND

Comments On Mar 30, 2015:Installed on an '05 VStrom 650. During the 285,000km I have logged on my Wee I have went through alot of tires. Mostly Battle Wings, with a sprinkling of Tourance's and Anakee's. There was little to differentiate between those tires, especially in feel/handling of the bike. Let me tell (warn?) you that right off the cuff you WILL feel a huge difference in the feel and handling of your ride with these tires. Now I'm not saying that this will end up being good or bad, these are my initial impression immediatly after installing and going for about a 50KM ride. The very first thing I thought was that the front tire had gone flat, it definatly provides a much heavier feel through the bars. Nope, checked the pressure and it was fine. Continue the ride. Cornering is a whole new experience, especially at lower speeds. It is though these tires are gluing themselves to the pavement, and the bike feels like it is "falling" into corners and then wants to immediatly sit up when you are finishing your corner. Out onto the highway, they do make some noise, a hum I have never noticed with the other tires I typically use, which at a 90/10 designation are pretty much a street bike tire. I did travel down a short dirt type road (not gravel) and I would have to say they are a big improvement over the other skins I have used. Having read other reviews, I was somewhat prepared for the difference in turning/cornering so I was not completely shocked. The front does feel out of balance with the rear (more traction front than rear) but I expect to get used to it. This is a meaty tire, no doubt. I do hope I can get close to the mileage I generally got with Battle Wing (average 12,000km) because the price is much easier to handle when you buy 3 rears and 2 fronts each year. I install my own tires, and these are noticably easier to spoon on. Time will tell how I end up liking the Shinko 705. Please note, I gave them a 3 star rating only because the review calls for a rating and I didnt want to put a poor or exceptional rating so early in the tires life.

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Great tire

Alan in OH

Comments On Feb 01, 2015:Great V-Strom tire at a great price.

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Tire number four...

Robert in AZ – Machine this part was bought for: 2011 KAWASAKI KLR650

Comments On Sep 16, 2014:Just bought rear number four for my KLR... I've put nearly 50,000 miles on my 2011 since bought new in Nov. 11. After the oem needed replacement, I used the 705. Inexpensive, long lasting, and they just work. Not too spiffy in mud or wet grass, but they've brought me out of the mountains during a downpour, they've taken me through deep sand and across a river bottom, and continue to take me 110 miles a day to work and back. I have yet to get less than 10,000 miles on a rear... even went 30,000 on a front before replacing it. For the price... a fine tire... just stay out of the mud and off of the grass!

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Nice tire on my 650 VStrom

Michael in PA

Comments On Sep 12, 2014:I have this tire on the back of my 650 VStrom, and I like it. It's more aggressive looking than the stock tire, but not too crazy.

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Happy Camper

James in SA

Comments On Apr 03, 2014:I bought a set of these for a 4,500km adventure ride from Adelaide to Canberra and back on my Honda NC700S. Approximately half was on sealed roads, 40% on formed dirt roads and 10% on dirt tracks and off-piste. The front was amazing - never once did I think it was about to let go. The rear though was pretty easy to step out of line, but probably more a reflection of the weight bias on the NC700S. They were great on high-speed dirt roads, but as expected, challenging in deep sand. On sealed roads they're quiet enough, and allowed me to drag the pegs through a brilliant 70km stretch of switchbacks. I'd rate these tyres 60/40 sealed/unsealed. They've now done 6,000km and the rear probably has another 1,500km in it till the wear bars. I expect the front will last two or three rear tyre changes.

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Great rear tire for my Versys

Matt in AR

Comments On Nov 25, 2013:I purchased this tire in September for my Versys. So far I've put just under 3,000 miles on it and it's holding up really well. I've done some single-track, quiet a bit of dirt roads, and a lot of pavement and it handles it all really well. Will be buying this tire again when it's time for another.

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Great. Give them a try

Peter in Victoria

Comments On Oct 02, 2013:I have just fitted the Shinko's front and rear to my 06 DL1000. I have had Meltzer's mostly and I have found the Shinko's up there with them. They are great in the dirt as we get into the mountain on dirt roads and they have good feel on the bitumen. The only complaint is the front is a bit noisy, but I had a set of Pirelli's fitted a while back and they made noise too. Don't know what sort of distance I will get, but for the price, even shipped to Australia, you can't go wrong.

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great street tire

Chris in AZ – Machine this part was bought for: 2000 KAWASAKI KLR650

Comments On Sep 04, 2013:Love this tire on pavement. I have put just over 3000 miles and still have lots of tread. I ride about 80 percent pavement 20 percent dirt. Smooth and very predictable on the road.
Off road is another story, back tire is ok, lots of spin as would be expected, The front tire is scary off road, very unpredictable. Front end will wash out even at low speeds. It is fine on hard pack but not on any type of loose soil. I will be replacing the front before it wears out.

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Awesome bang for the buck

Isaac in New Mexico

Comments On Jul 16, 2013:I'm on my second rear and first front tire of this particular model, and I love them. They're great 80/20 tires, and since I commute on my bike, I appreciate the good tread life I get from them. I got around 4000 of almost all highway miles, and there was still probably another 500 left in it when I replaced it. When they're new, they work great for dirt roads and hard pack trails. Once you're in loose terrain like sand or mud, you'll want something with actual knobs on it, but as an all around tire, it's tough to beat these.

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Great Value


Comments On Jul 13, 2012:I run Michelin tires on just about everything I own, so it was only natural to put Michelin Anakees on the Wee Strom when I bought it (used). Wasn't overly impressed. A friend suggested I try the Shinkos. They held up just as well, can drag the occasional peg (pretty impressive for dual sport tires) and were reasonably priced. I'm back for more. Even started using the 011 model on my FJR with good results. If I had to knit pick, it would be that they seem to harden up and lose a little traction as they age/wear. Seems to be easier to skid the rear tire when they've got some miles on them. But for the price, you can change them sooner then the brand name tires and stil come out ahead.

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Comments On Apr 30, 2012:My KLR650 came with one of these on the back. I've been amazed what it can do off road(snow, 6 inches of mud) and it's almost bald in the middle of the tread. Great on road also. The only time it's lost traction is wet clay or wet grass.(I've not tried one on the front or ridden in sand).
It goes better than it stops in slick conditions.

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Shinko 705 150/70-17 radial

Steven in WA

Comments On Apr 08, 2012:I was on the fence about this tire because of the horror stories regarding the old bias ply. I bought a front and rear set and was truly impressed. The front still looks new after 6500 miles and the rear is to the wear bars. These are just as good as the Conti road attacks I have been using and half the cost. I run these on my 1000 V-Strom with a lot of 2 up and heavily loaded. My rides include a lot of twisty curvies and plenty of dirt and gravel roads. They are FAR more confidence inspiring off road than the Contis and just as good on road. I just ordered another rear. 2 of my co-workers just put them on their KLR650's and like them far better than their deathwings that came stock.

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