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Hand Savers

Cody in WV

Comments On Dec 01, 2015:These liners fit great and since they are half finger they do not feel bulky or bunch up under the glove. They really make a difference for me when it comes to preventing blisters.

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Chris in CO

Comments On Nov 03, 2015:No more blisters and they seem to soak up and dissapate the sweat from my palms. I'll buy them again!!

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MSR 1/2 finger glove liners

Steve in CA

Comments On Sep 22, 2015:I'm blister prone, and these help a lot. I wear them on every ride. Thin enough to keep the same glove size. Just be careful when you wash them because any Velcro in the washing machine will snag the thin threads & pull it out. With just a little care this pair has lasted about 6-7 months of 1x a week riding and still going strong.

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Ninja Blister Fighter

Harry in KY

Comments On Feb 20, 2015:I just bought my second pair of these although the first pair is still serviceable after several years of hard use and bunches of cleaning cycles. A pair of these should last you a season or more of aggressive off-road riding. These will definitely reduce blistering on the palms opposite the knuckles and on the inside of the thumbs. My theory is that this is due to the low friction of the material and the skin-snug fit. I say â??snugâ?? as opposed to â??tight.â?? These gloves provide a low friction barrier from the abrasive effect of movement of the outer glove against the skin. No matter how hard you grip, there is going to be some sliding of the glove across the skin. Also of interest is that these gloves appear to be 100% machine knitted and have no seams or stitches, at least that I could find. The fibers are a very compliant but strong Lycra-like material. I also purchased a pair of Risk Racing blister protectors so as to have a showdown as it were. I haven't had the chance to performance-test the Risk units yet, but will say they seem very comfortable, are easy to slip into an overglove and are certainly of an innovative design. In the meantime, of the various blister barriers I have used, the MSR units are hands down the winner for comfort and blister reduction. I will gladly lay down $18 e pluribus unum for a product that performs this well. Cheers.

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Scott in Washington

Comments On Jun 09, 2014:I purchased these because I would regularly get blisters or hot spots when I raced our local hare scrambles. I have used the same pair for over two years and they are still working great. They are not bulky like you might think. They are very thin but also very durable. I wash them after each ride and let them air dry with the rest of my gear.

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Great !


Comments On Jun 13, 2012:Different material than the Underwaers and Moose brands (which are exactly the same ones). The MSR are made of a poly blend and the others are a kevlar blend. You would think the kevlar ones would last longer but that's not the case. The MSR also form fit your hands better making a better fit inside the glove. OH, they do what they are suppossed to too. I have wussy hands and I don't get blisters

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work great

ADam in NM

Comments On Sep 01, 2010:work great and no more blisters,Helps protect against chafing and blisters while riding..liners only last around 90 days

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