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Kuryakyn ISO Throttle Boss - Individual Reviews

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Works great!

Brian in ID

Comments On Jun 25, 2012:I added these to my ISO grips, wish I would have done this years ago. They are worth the money.

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great product

Jack in PA

Comments On Dec 12, 2010:Very easy to install. Takes the strain off of thumb and wrist. would buy again in a heartbeat.

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Kevin in CA

Comments On May 25, 2009:Even though I have Cruise Control (CC) on my 2oo8 Road Glide, the Throttle Boss is still EXTREMELY useful just riding around. I almost never use my CC while riding even on long trips. My buddies have bikes like Softtail Deuces that don't have CC and they never stay at any one speed long enough for the CC to come in handy. When I ride to work I like using the throttle to rip through traffic anyway so the CC almost always remains off.

The Throttle Boss (TB) was very easy to install. You just unscrew the four stock screws that came with your ISO Grips (I have the ISO Flame Grips), remove the end cap, put the TB in, and replace the end cap with the longer screws that came with the TB. Done. SIDENOTE: Personal Placement of the TB may be a bit tricky for some people. How you actually position the TB depends on where your palm rests at *your* normal cruising speed. I suggest that before you actually install the TB, go take a ride around town or on the freeway and see how fast you *normally* drive and how far back you open the throttle. Then go home and install the TB at an angle that allows you to comfortably rest the heel of your palm against the TB with the throttle open within "your" cruising range. Hope that makes sense.

Bottomline: This inexpensive add-on eliminates the "Death Grip" you experience on long drives (and for some of us out-of-shape types - even short rides). Inexpensive and easy to install, the Throttle Boss is a must to have no matter what distance you ride. The immediate and noticeable comfort you gain will quickly chalk up this exspense to the side of your list entitled "Money Well Spent".

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