Tusk Bolt Kits Video

Tusk Bolt Kits

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Hi. Welcome to this week's Rocky Mountain ATVMC Pro Tip of the Week. My name is Aaron. This week, we're going talk about fasteners.

I'm sure every motorcycle and ATV enthusiast out there has had the problem of losing a fastener, not having the proper hardware to replace it. Tusk Off Road has made it easy with their motorcycle and ATV bolt kits.

For starters, the motorcycle bolt kit contains a 180 pieces, which include 6mm bolts of all different lengths, nuts, bolts, washers, cotter pins, and almost anything you need to fix your bike. Let's move onto the ATV kit. This kit's a little bit bigger than the motorcycle kit; it's actually 236 pieces. Part of the reason why is along with nuts, bolt, cotter pins, and washers, this kit's actually going to have plastic rivets to repair your plastic and it's also going to have universal lug nuts for tapered and non- tapered wheels.

These big kits are perfect for your toolbox. If you want something you can take on the trail, Tusk Off Road has your solution. That's in our smaller motorcycle-specific and ATV-specific bolt kits. You can just throw these kits in your pack and hit the trail. The best part about all these kits is the price, with the large kit starting at just $29.99, and the small kits just starting at $12.99.

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