LEXX Trail Saver and Premium Packing Video

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LEXX Trail Saver and Premium Packing

If you want to learn about the Lexx exhaust, you’ve come to the right place. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is your online information source for several online videos that provide step-by-step instructions.


Hi. I'm Eric, from RockyMountainATVMC.com. Today, I want to talk about the Lexx exhaust; more specially, we're going to talk about the Lexx Trail Saver Quiet Core, it's one more option in our tunable Lexx exhaust.

This is a great item if you're riding in a sensitive area and you need to be a little bit quieter than normal. In the past, we've talked about how the Lexx exhaust is tunable. You can have it pretty much any configuration you would like; you can have it wide open for track day. It comes with the Original Quiet Core that takes you down to 96 decibels so you're legal on Forest Service or BLM Land.

We've went one step further, and we've done the Trail Saver Quiet Core. This quiet core is easy to put in. You can see that that's about as long as it's going take to put it in your bike and be just that much more responsible. It's going to take you down . . . we've actually had it low as 85 decibels on our KTM. Something else we're really working on is our premium silencer packing. We've done it in a blanket so it's easy to install. Put your core in, you roll it up, slide it in the silencer.

This is just one more tool that you can use to make sure that we're keeping our riding areas open. There's times when it's appropriate to have a loud bike, and there's times when it's appreciate to have a whisper-quiet bike.

That's why we call it the Trail Saver.

Thanks for watching today. I'm Eric, from RockyMountainATVMC.com. Make sure and check us out online. Thanks for watching Power Gear.