How To Bleed Brakes Video

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How To Bleed Brakes

If you need to bleed your brakes, but you are not sure what to do, you are in luck. Our detailed instructional video will walk you through how to bleed brakes. Trust us to have the answers and instructions you are looking for.


Hi, I'm Eric from, and today I'm going to show you how to bleed brakes.

We are going to bleed our brake using the Tusk hydraulic brake bleeder. The brake bleeder has a one-way check valve. This allows the brake fluid to flow out of the caliper as the pedal is pumped, without letting air back into the system. Always refer to your owner's manual for proper brake bleeding procedures, safety information and brake fluid recommendations. Rocky Mountain carries a wide variety of brake fluid and brake accessories.

To start, we are going to gain access to the caliper by removing any guards. We are taking off the reservoir cap, so we can add fluid. Here, we've installed the Tusk brake bleeder on the nipple on the caliper. Here, we are topping off the reservoir. Now, you crack lose the nipple, and slowly start to pump the pedal. Keep an eye on the fluid level in the reservoir. You don't want it to run dry, introducing air back into the system. Continue this process until the fresh fluid has flushed the system and all the air bubbles are gone. Once you've achieved that, tighten the nipple, check the fluid level, and install the reservoir cap.

Check and make sure your brakes are working properly before you go out and ride.