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How To - Repack A Silencer For Your ATV Or Motorcycle Video

How To - Repack A Silencer For Your ATV Or Motorcycle

If you need to repack a silencer for your ATV or motorcycle, but you are not sure how, you are at the right place. Our detailed instructional video will walk you through how to repack a silencer for your ATV or motorcycle. Watch our industry expert as he repacks a silencer. Trust us to have the answers and instructions you are looking for.


Hi, I'm Eric at and today I'm going to show you how to repack a silencer for your ATV or motorcycle.

You'll need some Allen wrenches, a rubber mallet, high temp silicone, and silencer repacking material. On most silencers you'll need either a piece of PVC or a wooden dowel to knock the end cap out. First off we need to get the cover off the back so we can get at the end cap. Once we get that off, we have the tunable end pipes. There's a quiet core and now we can start on the six Allen heads that are holding that end cap in. On some silencers the bolts holding it together will be on the front of the silencer. Some silencers won't have bolts on either side but will have rivets instead. In that case you'll need to drill them out on one side and re-rivet during assembly.

Once we get the Allen heads out, there's a lip on the inside of this end cap and we'll go ahead and put our PVC in a vice and just tap lightly on it, just on that edge and it should pop that right out the back. We're going to pull out the core and the packing material that's left. This ones in pretty good shape. And then we're going to clean off the core. Get all the carbon off, inspect it to make sure there are no parts that are broken.

We're going to lay out Lexx Premium silencer packing. Make sure it's the right width for your core. As you can see it's about the same width if your core is shorter you can cut it. Wrap it really tight. It will make it installing inside the canister much easier.

We're just using regular masking tape to hold it in place. Put a strip on the end, the middle, and then on the back end of it.

The Lexx Premium packing is good for any bike, 2 stroke or 4 stroke.

Once it's wrapped up tight it’s time to make sure the ends are clear and we're going to install it inside the canister.

When we're putting it in the canister you want to make sure you push it down as a unit so you're feeding the packing in at the same time you're pushing on the core. It's pretty easy to push the core down without the packing and then you'll need to start over. Feed it down in there and when you get down to the bottom you want to make sure that the core engages the front cap. So you can put your thumb in there, guide it in, and then push the core in.

Now that's in. It's time to get to our end cap. We want to clean it off. Apply some high temp silicone and then we need to guide it onto the core. Make sure the packing's not in the way. Once it's engaged you can use a rubber mallet and hammer it down flush. Wipe off the excess silicone and then we're going to start the little Allen heads. Don't tighten them yet, just go ahead and start them all. Once they're started, we'll go ahead and tighten them up. And now we're cleaning off our quiet core, checking out spark arrester. Use a little dab of silicone just to keep the vibration down. We're not really doing it to seal anything here. It's just purely for dampening. Do it between the two pieces and then put the cover on, the three bolts, and you're done.