How To - Fix A Stripped-Out Thread - Tusk Thread Repair Kit Video

How To - Fix A Stripped-Out Thread - Tusk Thread Repair Kit

Our informative video will walk you through how to fix a stripped-out thread using a Tusk Thread Repair Kit. Watch our industry expert as he fixes a stripped-out thread using a Tusk Thread Repair Kit. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is your online information source for several online videos that provide step-by-step instructions.


Hi. This is Justin, from Today, I'm going to show you how to fix a stripped-out thread using a Tusk Thread Repair Kit.

The Tusk Thread Repair Kit makes it easy to fix damaged threads, and in most cases, will create a stronger thread than the original one. The kit includes a drill bit, tap, insert installation tool, and 5 thread inserts; everything you need to fix your thread. In this video, we're going to repair the threads on a sub-frame. As you can see, the threads are totally stripped out.

The first thing that we're going to do is put some cutting oil so we can drill. If you don't have cutting oil, just a light WD will work. We're going to drill out the old threads, and then once that's drilled out, we're going to apply some more cutting oil or WD, and we're going to run the tap through the hole. As you can see, we're using a tap handle. We're applying some pressure. It's important to just make sure you're running the tap as straight as possible. If you don't have a tap handle, you can away with a crescent wrench, just be really careful to make sure that your tap is straight.

Now that we have it tapped, you can see that we have nice, clean threads in there. Obviously, those threads are big, that's why we're going to put an insert in. We're going to go ahead and clean the hole out really well. We're using some brake cleaner, or contact cleaner, to get all the oil out and the shavings out. Once the hole's clean, we can go ahead and put the insert in. We're going to put the insert on our insert installation tool, and we're going to put a little red loctite on this. It's not always necessary, but we're going to put it on just for a little extra strength.

You'll notice that our little insert stop, our little adjustable stop, is kind of in the way. We're going to just back that out of the way. That stop is really nice when you're putting threads into a case or a flush surface. In this case, the stop's in the way. With that out of the way, we can reach our hole and put the insert in. We're just going to slowly thread it in. As long as the hole's clean, it should go in fairly smooth.

Once the insert's in all the way, we need to break the little tab off the back. You'll notice on the inserts that they have a little notch on them, that's where the little tab breaks off. We showed you on this one just as an example. Now we're going to put a screwdriver in the hole, knock that tab off; get it out of the way.

Just make sure you use the correct bolt size and thread pitch, and you're done. Thread repair made easy with the Tusk Thread Repair Kit.