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How To Repair An ATV Tire Video

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How To Repair An ATV Tire

If you need to repair an ATV tire, but you are not sure how to do this, you are in luck. Our detailed instructional video will walk you through how to repair an ATV tire while out on the road. Trust us to have the answers and instructions you are looking for.


Today, Eric's going to demonstrate how to plug a tire out on the trail.

This is the real deal.

We found a hole in the tire. It's right here. It's fairly small. The first thing we need to do is ream the hole out. This is kind of the scary part, because you're actually making the hole worse. So, we get that ready and while that's still in there, we're going to take our plug and put it in the Installer and stick it about halfway in, something like that. Your Tusk Tire Repair Kit comes with some rubber cement, and so we're going to be kind of generous here.

You'll notice on the end of this it split, and so we're going to stick the plug in there. We're not going to go all the way through. Then, we're going to pull the tool back out without pulling the plug out. Pull out your reamer tool. Put that in. Ooh, almost went too far. Then we'll let it sit, just for a second. And we're good to go.