How to - Tusk SubZero ATV Snow Plow Mount Install - Suzuki Eiger Video

How to - Tusk SubZero ATV Snow Plow Mount Install - Suzuki Eiger

If you need to install the Tusk SubZero snowplow mount on a Suzuki Eiger, you have come to the right place. Watch our industry expert as he installs the Tusk SubZero snowplow mount on a Suzuki Eiger.


Alright, today were going to go over the installation of the Tusk SubZero plow mount on the Suzuki Eiger. Having the proper tools and some assistance will make the job a lot easier.

For this video, we've stood the machine on end so you could see what we were doing. You will need to safely support your machine in order to gain access to the undercarriage for installation. We're going to start with stock skid plate removal. We need to remove the six bolts that hold on the stock plastic skid plate.

We're using a ten millimeter ratchet wrench for the four bottom bolts. And then a ten millimeter socket for the top two. Once you remove that stock skid plate, we can go ahead and start the plow mount installation. I like to get an idea of where my plow mount's going to sit. So to do that, I'm holding these U-clamps up in the place that they're going to sit on the frame, so I know about where to put my plow mount.

Once you get that, grab a helper to hold the plow mount while you get the thread started. We're going to go through and hit each one, just start a couple threads. Just remember to keep it loose. We're not going to tighten anything yet.

Once we're done with that, we're going to go ahead and make sure the mount sits straight on the frame. Go ahead and tighten up the bolts. Make sure you tighten up the bolts evenly; you don't want the clamp pulled down more on one side than the other.

Repeat that process with all four clamps. Once those are tight, go back through double check your work. Enjoy your Turk SubZero snow plow.