Tusk SubZero ATV Snow Plow Mount Installation - Honda Rincon Video

Tusk SubZero ATV Snow Plow Mount Installation - Honda Rincon


Today, we're going over the installation of the Tusk SubZero Plow Mount on the Honda Rincon.

It's important to have the proper tools and some assistance to insure smooth installation. For this video, we've stood the machine on-end so you can better understand and see the installation process. You need to safely support your machine in order to gain access to the undercarriage for installation.

The first step is just going to be to remove that stock plastic center skid plate. We're using a 10mm socket for 4 of the bolts, and an 8mm socket for the other 4. Once you've got all the bolts removed, just go ahead and remove the stock center skid plate.

Part 2 of this video is the plow mount installation. I like to get an idea where the U-clamps are going to sit of the frame. To do that, hold the plow mount up against the frame in its proper position; that will give you an idea of where your U-clamps are going to sit on the frame. These are the locations on this machine.

Now is a great time to grab an extra set of hands, somebody to hold that plow mount up while you get the threads started on each of the bolts. Just leave everything loosely; we're not going to tighten anything yet. Once you get a few threads started on each of them, go ahead and make sure the plow mount is sitting straight on the frame rails. If it is, we can go ahead and tighten up the bolts. Make sure that you're tightening the bolts evenly so that it's tightening the clamps straight towards the plow mount.

Once you're done with that, double-check your hardware and make sure that everything's tight. Enjoy your Tusk SubZero snowplow.