Polaris Rear Brushguard Installation - Ranger 900XP Video

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Polaris Rear Brushguard Installation - Ranger 900XP

If you need to install a Polaris rear brushguard on the Ranger 900XP, but could use a little help, you’ve come to the right place. Trust us to have the answers and instructions you need – every time.


Today, we're installing the Polaris Rear Brushguard on the Ranger 900 XP.

The only tools we're going to be using for this installation is a deep 13mm socket and ratchet. The first thing we're going to do is loosely attach the support brackets to the brushguard. We do that with the supplied hardware, the 4 locking nuts. The brackets just slides onto existing studs coming out of the brushguard, and then you just thread the nuts on. Now we're all ready to install the brushguards. We're going to have Ryan and Dillon lift that up into place then you're going to install the bolt through the brushguard bracket, through the fame of the machine, out the other side. Then there's a locking nut that goes on that backside. Remember, we're going to leave everything finger-tight for now. We're not going to tighten anything up until the very end.

Now that we've got the front part of the bracket attached, we can go ahead and swing that brushguard up into place, and we're going to attach it with the supplied bolts and nuts. You'll find there's not a ton of room to get your hand up in there. The bolt's just going to go through, and then we're going to just put the nut on the backside. Once you get those into place, we're just going to tighten all the hardware up. We're going to tighten the front bolt with our 13mm socket and ratchet. Then we're going to tighten the top ones as well. Then also, don't forget the ones that are underneath holding the brushguard to the mounting brackets. That's going to do it for installation of the brushguard.

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