Polaris Lock & Ride Pro-Fit Hinged Window Doors Install - Ranger 900XP Video

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Polaris Lock & Ride Pro-Fit Hinged Window Doors Install - Ranger 900XP

If you need to install a Polaris Lock & Ride Pro-Fit Hinged Window Doors on the Ranger 900XP, but could use a little help, you’ve come to the right place. Trust us to have the answers and instructions you need – every time.


Today, we're going over the installation of the Pro-Fit Hinged Window Doors on the Ranger 900XP.

We're only going to need a few standard tools for this install. Please note that if your machine has the stock net-style doors, these will need to be removed before we can begin with the installation. The first step is you need to remove the B Pillar cover. To do that, we need to remove the 2 Torx head bolts on top. Once those are out of the way we're going to remove the seat, and then we're going to tilt the bed back, and there are 2 pop rivets that need to come out; one in the front and one in the back. Finally, there's one more Torx-head button bolt in the rear that needs to be removed. Once we've gotten those we need to loosen the clamp on the air duct and slide that off away from the B Pillar cover. Once that's off, we can go ahead and remove that cover.

The next thing we need to do is cut a slit in the B Pillar cover to allow us to mount the lower hinge bracket. You'll notice the area that needs to be removed is clearly marked on the back of the cover, making it easy. We used a jigsaw to remove that area, but an air saw or utility knife would work too. Once we've got that cut out, we're going to mount the lower hinge bracket by installing the provided bolts into existing holes on the machine. We're using a 13mm socket to tighten those down, and then we can also torque these to 17 foot-pounds.

Once that's tight, the next step is to install the upper hinge bracket by putting the 2 provided bolts through the bracket and into the threaded backing plate. We're going to thread those in, and then start tightening them down. We don't want to tighten them down all the way because we need to be able to make adjustments later. Next, we're going to attach the striker adjustment bracket to the bottom of the A Pillar. Again, we're going to want to leave this bracket loose for later adjustments, and then we're also going to install the striker pin. We're going to leave this loose so we can adjust it later, as well.

Now it's time to reinstall the B Pillar cover. We're going to set that into place and reattach the air duct to the inside of the cover and tighten that hose clamp. Then we're going to reinstall both the front and the rear pop rivets, and then put the Torx-head bolts back into place. Tighten-down the rear one and we also need to tighten down those 2 front ones. Once we've got those into place we're ready to install the door.

We're going to first install the nylon washers onto each pin, and then we're going to set the door down onto the bracket pins. It may take a few light taps from the hammer to get it to slide down into place. Now we need to center the door in place, and we can begin tightening down the hinge bolts. We're going to first tighten the bottom bolts, and then we're going to move onto the top bolts using our 13mm T-handle. Once those are tight, we're going to rotate the door out 90 degrees and tighten those top 2 bolts. Once those bolts are tight, we can start making adjustments to the door. We're going to close the door, and then we're going to tighten the striker bracket down into the correct position. Once that's tight, we're going to check the position of the striker pin and adjust if needed, and then tighten that up.

The last step is we just need to install the door limit straps. We're going to take the provided bolt, and it's going to go through the strap, through the bracket, and then into the nut on the backside. Once we have that tight, we can connect that clip. We're done with installation.

Just a quick tip when you're installing the door on the right side: Polaris designed the air duct to slide on and off the B Pillar cover making it so you don't have to remove the passenger seat, because it can take some time to remove. There's no clamp that you have to worry about on that right side.

For more information on the Polaris Pro-Fit Doors, call and or visit our website, RockyMountainATV.com. Rocky Mountain is the leader for parts, accessories, and apparel for your UTV, ATV, and motorcycle. Thanks for watching.