LEXX Tunable Exhaust Video

LEXX Tunable Exhaust


Hi. Welcome to Power Gear. I'm Eric Nelson and today, I want to talk about an exhaust. This is our Lexx exhaust. This is a high quality, slip-on exhaust that’s for most sport ATVs. Probably the best part about this is, is that it's tunable. You can go from a quiet core-equipped, that's the way it comes, so this is legal to take up the canyon, up on the forest service trails, you're well below the sound limit. You're spark arrested in this configuration. By taking out three bolts, we can go ahead and change this.

So, say, we've been up in the morning, we've been up at the canyon riding on the trials, now we want to go down to the track and hit the track, you pull out your quiet core, we put our race tip back on, put our cover back on, our 3 bolts, and now we're a wide-open exhaust that's ready for the track.

Now, let's just say you need to run a spark arrester to be legal. We've got a cone-type spark arrester we sell as an accessory. It slides right in. You put your end cap that you've chosen back on, put on your cover, your three bolts, now your spark arrested and you're legal.

This is a 99 decibel setup. We also offer different sizes of tips. We also have the 40 mm that is a little quieter, and the wide open race tip. We also have a 34 mm with the race tip configuration. We've actually got, on the average, an extra 3 horsepower on all the models. So, if you average all of them together, it's about a 3 horsepower gain. Once again, this is a great high-quality exhaust. It's a slip-on and it's for only $199. Thanks for watching and we'll catch you next time.