How To - Change Oil On A Honda 4-Stroke Motorcycle Or ATV Video

How To - Change Oil On A Honda 4-Stroke Motorcycle Or ATV

If you need to change oil on a Honda 4-stroke motorcycle or ATV, but you are not sure how, you are at the right place. Our step by step video will walk you through how to change oil on a Honda 4-stroke motorcycle or ATV. Watch our industry expert as he changes oil on a Honda 4-stroke. Trust us to have the answers and instructions you need.


Hi. I'm Eric from, and today I'm going to show you how to change the oil on a modern Honda four stroke.

The supplies we'll need are rags, an oil drain pan, some common hand tools, oil filters. Today we're going to be using the Billy Who Man funnel, a service manual, and some quality oil. Rocky Mountain sells a wide variety of oil and oil filters.

CRS have two oil compartments. One is the transmission, the other is the engine oil. We're going to start first with the transmission oil. We're going to take off the cap. We're going to loosen the drain bolt, and we're going to get our Billy Who Man funnel and line it up underneath the bolt, and we're going to go ahead and remove the bolt the rest of the way and let the oil out.

This funnel is necessary if you have a skid plate, but also helps just making sure it's not as messy, even if you don't. Now the oil's drained. We can remove the funnel and reinstall the drain bolt. We're going to torque this to 16 foot pounds is what the service manual calls for. To fill the oil, we're going to take out our oil level check bolt first, then we're going to go ahead and refer to our service manual, get the approximate volume that we need to put in it, and then we're going to watch our oil level check bolt. As we add oil, we'll notice the oil start to flow out. That's how we know we have enough. We'll go ahead and reinstall the oil level check bolt. Go ahead and put the cap back on. And we're going to move on to the engine oil.

On the engine, we're going to go ahead and remove the cap. Set it aside. Now we're going to drain the engine oil. The drain bolt's actually located underneath the engine. Go ahead and let the engine oil drain completely. I'm going to reinstall our drain bolt. We're going to torque that to approximately 18 pounds, foot pounds. Always check your manual to double check that.

We're going to change the oil filter, and to do that, we're going to go over on the other side of the bike. There's the oil filter cover, and go ahead and remove that. And when you remove it there's a spring on CRS models, you want to make sure and don't lose. And also take note on how the filter was mounted onto the cover. Go ahead and replace it with the high quality oil filter, like a Tusk oil filter. A little bit of oil on the ceiling surfaces, makes it so we don't tear anything when we install it. Put the spring on. If that spring won't stay there, a little bit of grease in that recess will hold the spring during installation. Slide it in, make sure everything fits in nicely, and then reinstall your bolts.

Check your owner's manual for torque specs. Now it's time to add the engine oil, and once again, the Billy Who Man funnel makes it a no-mess oil fill. We've checked our owner's manual so we know approximately how much oil to put into it, but you still need to check it with the dipstick, or on the four-wheeler model, there is also a sight window.

So what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and run the bike for a few minutes. Now that we've ran the bike, we're going to check the oil level. And you unthread the dipstick, clean it off, and then set it back in the hole without threading it in. And this is how you get your correct oil level. The Tusk oil filter comes with a maintenance sticker to help keep track of your oil changes. Once you apply that, then you're done.