Tusk SubZero ATV Snow Plow Mount Installation Polaris Sportsman 500 + other Polaris Models Video

Tusk SubZero ATV Snow Plow Mount Installation Polaris Sportsman 500 + other Polaris Models

Our informative video will walk you through how to install the Tusk SubZero Plow Mount on the Polaris Sportsman 500. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is your online information source for several online videos that provide step-by-step instructions.


Today, we're going over the installation of the Tusk SubZero Snowplow Mount on the Polaris Sportsman 500.

It's important to have the proper tools and some assistance to insure smooth installation. We've stood the machine up for this video so you can better see the installation process. You need to safely support your machine in order to get access to the undercarriage for installation.

Part 1 is going to be the plow mount installation. Since this machine's skid plate is integrated into the frame, we don't need to remove anything to install the plow mount. The plow mount clamps are going to sit on top of the floorboard braces, as shown in the video. Now is a great time to get an extra set of hands that can help hold that plow mount while you get the threads started on each of the bolts. We recommend starting on the left side, which is actually the right side if you were sitting on the seat of the machine. Please note that some 2004 models and Sportsman 700 models are going to require the spacer blocks to be placed between the floorboard braces and the mount plate, as shown in the video.

We're going to go ahead and install the right side, get those bolts started. Remember, it's going to take some force to get those in. Once you have a few threads on each of the bolts started, we can go ahead and tighten those bolts up. Make sure you're tightening the bolts evenly so it's pulling the clamps straight towards the plow mount.

That should do it. Double-check your hardware and make sure that everything's tight. Enjoy your Tusk SubZero snowplow.