Tusk 1.6 High Pressure Radiator Cap Video

Tusk 1.6 High Pressure Radiator Cap


The Tusk 1.6 High-Pressure Radiator Cap is the simplest and most inexpensive way to reduce your motorcycle, ATV, or UTV from boiling over. The Tusk High-Pressure Radiator Cap raises your cooling system's maximum operating pressure, and therefore, lowers the boiling-point of your coolant. This is the perfect upgrade for most motorcycles and ATV radiators with stock 1.1 caps. You can see the lower 1.1 pressure rating on the top of this bike's stock radiator cap.

A stock 1.1 cap is equal to about 15.7 psi of pressure. The Tusk 1.6 cap equals approximately 22.8 psi pressure. The Tusk cap will raise the boiling point by 25 degrees when upgrading from the stock 1.1 cap. By reducing coolant boiling, your machine will be able to maintain its coolant level and not lose it at the overflow. Loss of coolant can result in overheating and engine failure.

The Tusk 1.6 High-Pressure Radiator Cap is perfect for 4-stroke and 2- stroke motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs. It has a universal fit for most Japanese machines.

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