How To Change Oil On KTM RFS 4-Stroke Motorcycle Video

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How To Change Oil On KTM RFS 4-Stroke Motorcycle

If you need to change oil on your KTM RFS 4-stroke, but you could use some help, you are in luck. Our step by step video will walk you through how to change oil on a KTM RFS 4-stroke motorcycle. Watch our industry expert as he changes the oil on a KTM RFS 4-stroek. Trust us to have the answers and instructions you need – every time.


Hi, I'm Eric from, and today I'm going to show you how to change oil and filter on a KTM RFS motor.

We'll need a drain pan, some contact cleaner and paper towels, common hand tools, a funnel, a service manual, and Rocky Mountain carries a wide variety of oil and oil filters.

We're going to go ahead and take off the filler plug, and then we go right to the drain plug. It's located on the back end of the engine. It's actually horizontally mounted. It's a 13-mm head. This plug lets most of the oil out. It's also a magnetic drain plug, so make sure while that's draining you clean it up. Take a little contact cleaner, spray it off, and make sure you get all the metal particles off that.

The next one we're going to take off, the one that's just underneath the shifter, and it's actually the long screen. Make sure the screen comes out with it. Let the rest of the oil drain out, and then it's the short screen, and that's located under the engine on the bottom. It's an Allen head. Once again, you're going to have a screen come out with it. You need to clean these screens off good and make sure there's nothing that would obstruct the oil flow.

Now the oil has probably drained, and we're going to go ahead and start to re-install. Start with the short screen, and we're going to go ahead and tighten that to seven foot pounds. Next up, we're going to install the long screen, and it's going to be tightened to 11 foot pounds. None of these are very tight. We're going to install the magnetic drain plug, and it is 15 foot pounds.

After we've got all the oil drained, we're going to go ahead and change the oil filters. There are two of them on the RFS motor. We'll go ahead and take out your 8-mm head bolts. There are two on each cover. Take a pair of pliers and take off the caps. You are going to lose a little bit of oil, so be prepared. Then I have snap ring pliers that I use that actually grabs the inside of the filter, and the O ring comes out with it.

We're going to go ahead and put a Tusk oil filter back in it, to lubricate the O ring a little bit so it slides onto the boss inside the filter housing. Put your O rings on, and go ahead and set them in the groove. It's critical that these are installed correctly. If not, you'll have an oil leak. Once again, I like to use the pliers to hold it up in there and then seat the cover. Put the bolts in. These are very small bolts, and they only need to be tightened to 5 foot pounds of torque.

After you get all these tightened up, it's time to put oil in. This model takes approximately a liter, which is really close to a quart. Go ahead and fill it up. Watch for the oil in the oil window. Start the machine, let it run for a couple minutes, and then check your window again. It might be necessary to add a little bit more, especially if you changed your filters. Tusk oil filters come with a maintenance sticker. Go ahead and put that on your bike, and you're ready to go.