How To Change Oil On A Two-Stroke ATV Or Motorcycle Video

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How To Change Oil On A Two-Stroke ATV Or Motorcycle

If you need to change oil on a two-stroke motorcycle or ATV, but you are not sure how, you are at the right place. Our step by step video will walk you through how to change oil on a two-stroke motorcycle or ATV. Watch our industry expert as he changes oil on a two-stroke. Trust us to have the answers and instructions you need.


Hi. I'm Eric from, and today I'm going to show you how to change oil in a two stroke.

First off, we're going to need some common hand tools. Funnel, owner's manual, some gloves, drain pan and some good high quality oil. Rocky Mountain carries a wide variety of oil.

To start, we're going to take the oil filler cap off and set it aside. Underneath the bike we'll find our drain plug. We have our drain pan ready, normally some rags ready. I'm going to go ahead and remove the drain plug. As we do that we're going to inspect our drain plug, especially the washer for wear. If it's been crushed it's probably time to replace it.

Go ahead and rock the bike upright if it's on a side stand just to make sure all the oil gets out. Let it drain for a couple minutes until all the oil has completely evacuated the transmission. Clean off your drain plug. Be careful not to cross-thread. And put it back in. And refer to your owner's manual for torque specs. This machine took 14 foot pounds.

After the drain plug's in it's time to fill the transmission with oil, and refer to your owner's manual, or you can refer to the stamp on the side of the case. It will normally tell you how much it needs. This one takes 750 milliliters.

On the oil bottles you can either get a liter bottle of oil, depending on the brand, or a quart. A liter has 1,000 milliliters in it. A quart has 946 milliliters. I'm going to go ahead and put the oil in using our MSR clean funnel.

Keep an eye on your window, your clear window on your bottle so you know how much is going in. You can remove the oil level check bolt. Make sure that you've got enough oil when you put that back in. It's only about seven foot pounds. A lot of people strip those. Put your filler cap back on. And you're done.