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  • Fox Racing Women's 180 Jersey

    Fox Racing Women's 180 Jersey

    Ellen in WA

    Fits well, as advertised and it seems well ventilated. Great price, too!

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  • Fox Racing Women's 180 Pants

    Fox Racing Women's 180 Pants

    Ellen in WA

    Good deal

    Nice pants, fit true to size. Great price and they shipped quickly.

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  • Fox Racing Dirtpaw Race Gloves 2018

    Fox Racing Dirtpaw Race Gloves 2018

    Scott in MI


    Great grip and true fit. Highly recommend. great price for a back up pair for those muddy races.

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  • Fox Racing V1 Race Helmet

    Fox Racing V1 Race Helmet

    Sierra in AZ


    Really nice! Just like the picture. The quality is great!

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  • Fox Racing FRI Cota Thick Socks

    Fox Racing FRI Cota Thick Socks

    William in GA

    Nice Socks

    Great quality for the price!! They go up to my knees and I am 6' I would recommend

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  • Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket Body Armor

    Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket Body Armor

    Michael in TX

    This is a great jacket but not perfect

    I've had this in XL size for about 3 years now. I wear this over a wicking shirt and without a jersey unless it's cold out. The jacket has held up well over the years though it has some minor rips and tears from trailside thorny vines that whip across it when I'm riding at speed. I use the arm pads to deflect small branches. The zipper is a little rough, but I lube it with some teflon dry spray lube and it keeps it in working order. Pros: Fairly good protection. The shoulder and arm protection is some of the most complete coverage I've found. I have not bruised arms from any fall yet. The shoulder pads have deflected a few close tree hits well. The jacket is reasonably comfortable and flows an ok amount of air. I wear this in the south in the summer and it's tolerable though on 100 degree days it's almost unbearable, but it might be unbearable without it on. I always wear it. The back protector is solid and goes well down your back. Reasonably unrestricted movement. Feel naked without it. Cons: Kidney belt causes the chest portion to ride up slightly on me. I do not have a large gut. Long back protector makes it impossible to tuck in a jersey if you have it on top of the jacket. Zipper could be better, a nice wide tooth YKK or similar would have been great. The various latches come undone all the time. It doesn't seem to impact the protection, but is a pain if you just put on a pack which popped off the rear shoulder strap and then can't reach it to reattach. The Biggest Con, and this is causing me to start to look elsewhere for my next set of armor, is a complete lack of side rib protection. My front tire deflected off a log at speed and sent me to the ground where I landed hard on my side. Shoulder and arm ok. The fall drove my elbow into my ribs on the side and bruised the ribs severely (not broken, had xray). I am still hurting 4 weeks later. I have to believe that if this jacket had wrap around rib protection that this would have been a minor incident. Granted, this is the first time in three years that I've had anything like this happen, but I have been in enough pain just breathing and trying to function that I never want this to happen again. If they ever make a version 2 of this jacket, they should increase the front hard plate length a couple inches, provide actual side rib protection, and put in a quality zipper. If they did this, the jacket would be unbeatable.

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